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  1. I'm excited for you and your partner as you begin this new business venture. I love your quilt and will look to purchase the pattern! 20 different layout options? Wow! You could play all day...LOL!
  2. Jenn, the starch and steam method will do wonders. Since the quilt is on your frame I think you'd have to take it off the frame to s&s. I did a quilt last year that was off by almost 4 1/2" and the steam worked to tame it. You could also pin the dickens out of it to help work in the fullness. Good luck!
  3. Congratulations to your daughter. Love the cover and matching quilt...good job! You two look like sisters in the photo...not mother and daughter!
  4. You have feathers down pat! Beautiful quilting...I love everything you do! The couple will cherish this wonderful quilt.
  5. Oma, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Near or far, friends are precious to us. Hugs coming your way!
  6. Congratulations on the new machine! Maybe try directing warm air from a hair dryer on the tape? It might loosen up the adhesive enough so as not to do any damage to the finish. Good luck.
  7. Our local news station is talking now about the first responders...many in tears as they are interviewed. Prayers continuing for all of the families involved.
  8. Thanks, Vicki! Your quilting is just beautiful but that white border really caught my eye. Guess I need to check out Deloa's book. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. He's going to love it! Very cool looking quilt!
  10. Beautiful quilting, Vicki! Is the design in the white border your design? What do you call it?
  11. Congratulations!!! Not surprised it took 1st...your quilting on this already beautiful quilt just pushes the WOW factor over the top! Well deserved.
  12. Melissa, great job! I like your swirls in the red areas too and good thinking with using the cd for the curves!
  13. This is a handy reference. Thanks for pulling this info together, Lynn!
  14. Wow, wow, wow! You really made this quilt shine! LOVE all of your designs...so happy that you shared pictures...thanks!
  15. Awesome studio, Oma! Thanks for sharing all of your storage solutions. I dream of a studio with lots of windows and a pretty view...maybe one day.
  16. What an unusual quilt and I love how you quilted it...love how each chair cushion is quilted differently!
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