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    WestieMom got a reaction from Dyan in My daughter's children's book....   
    Congratulations to your daughter. Love the cover and matching quilt...good job! You two look like sisters in the photo...not mother and daughter!
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    WestieMom reacted to LibbyG in Stack and Whack   
    A guild member wanted me to custom this quilt.  After searching the internet for quilted stack and whacks, I finally found 2 that I liked.  The space between the stack and whacks is a design Bobbette used on a quilt.  The setting triangles I copied from someone else, but I can't remember where I saw it.  I just love doing feathers. I used Linda Rech's idea for the sashing, but I made the circles bigger this time and put little feathers with them. 

    Stack and Whack 013 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Stack and Whack 014 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Stack and Whack 015 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Stack and Whack 016 by LibbyG7, on Flickr

    Stack and Whack 012 by LibbyG7, on Flickr
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    WestieMom reacted to sewhappy in Happy Dance!!!   
    A coworker just came to my desk to see if I was happy~I asked why and she grinned and said she got her new Keepsake Quilting catalog yesterday and there was my product!
    I did NOT get my copy yesterday so I have to wait to check the mail when I get home~
    Boy...Its gonna be a LONG day!  LOL
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    WestieMom reacted to rlhdesigns in Fall Panel   
    This is a fall panel that I quilted for a friend of mine for the Minnesota Quilt Show.   I did a little more custom quilting to give the panel the look of a pieced quilt by adding a diamond shape within the panel  and background fill to make each block stand out.    Half of the border was my favorite  "feathers",   and who dosen't like feasthers....   The other half was quilted piano keys.    This was a fun and fast piece to  quilt.
    Thanks for looking.        Anyone going to the Minnesota Quilt Show  the week of  June 11th??\
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    WestieMom reacted to nanbrug in NQR New Grandaughter   
    I haven't been on the forum nor had much time to quilt in the last month. Big news!  My daughter finally graduated and is now officially a Doctor! I don't have to drive to Columbus every week and stay down there endlessly. Yah  but my really big and I mean big news my daughter 2 weeks after graduating gave birth to my first Grandaughter!  She had a emergency C-section and Lucy May weighed 9 pounds 7 ounces May 29th.  I've been really busy helping her but oh my goodness what a reward to hold that baby. I wish I could get pictures to post maybe tonight I will work on it again but just wanted to share. My daughter and I just have to laugh because all the newborn clothes won't fit so I had to go buy bigger clothes already. Thanks for letting me brag.
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    WestieMom got a reaction from Sandra Darlington in Say some prayers for me, please....   
    Sandra, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for you if you need us! HUGS!
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    WestieMom reacted to AHuffman in Ginormous Basket Quilt   
    This is a customer quilt and it is 117" x 117". This big 'un was all custom. The baskets and swirls were done freehand and the setting squares were done with computer. Hobbs 80/20 batting with Sew Fine on the top and Magna Glides in the bobbin. This was the first custom I've done on my new, Next Gen Mille w/ the M bobbin. Let me just say that I LOVE my M bobbin. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
    The fleur de lis blocks and setting triangles are from One Song Needle Arts. 
    Since the background of the baskets was the same as the setting blocks I chose to cross over the seam lines with my freehand swirls to tie the two spaces together. 

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    WestieMom got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Jared Takes a Wife - Finally Finished!   
    Gorgeous quilt and your quilting is the icing on the cake!
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    WestieMom got a reaction from Dyan in Dr Who Quilt   
    He's going to love it! Very cool looking quilt!
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    WestieMom reacted to anniemueller in Millie got tattoo's   
    What fun!  I put these pretty purple decals on Millie. 


    They are so much fun I ordered more for my DSM and my fabric stash cabinet.  They're available at www.quiltastick.com.  You can pick your own colors or custom designs too.
    They just make me smile.  :)
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    WestieMom reacted to Merryjo2003 in More Thread Painting   
    Been at it again...Mom wanted one for Mother's Day (done!) and the other one is for Eleanor Burns.  She loves chickens and really liked the thread paintings.  Feels kinda nice to have one go into her collection!

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    WestieMom reacted to LFQuilts in T-shirt Pillow   
    A new customer contacted me about a t-shirt quilt for her son's graduation this month.  She wanted it made from his soccer shirts.  When I quoted her a price, she didn't want to pay that much for something she wasn't sure he would use.  Instead, she requested a pillow.  When we met to look at the shirt layou for 15 shirts (9 on the back, 6 on the front), I realized that the smallest pillow that would work was 30"x30".  I kept track of time and charged her for time plus materials.  It's not a cheap pillow - but it did cost less than she would have paid for full up quilt.  Have any of you ever done this before?  I put a zipper in the bottom seam so that the cover can be removed for washing if needed.  LOL - I'm not a clothing seamstress, so this is only the second zipper I've ever sewn into an item.

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    WestieMom reacted to witha'K'quilting in Girls take state by storm!   
    Bringing home state champions baby!! Our girls team took 1st place for our division as a team...for the first time in white pine high school history! 11 girls (2 being mine) earned the state title!
    Also, madeline placed 3rd in the pole vault with a height of 7'6", 7th in triple jump and 4th in 4x800m relay with taylor.
    Taylor ran a hard 3200m race, and placed 6th beating her personal best time. I am so proud of these girls!
    One of our seniors took 1st in each of 4 separate individual events...and...now owns 2 school records! That doesn't happen often.
    Thanks for letting me brag a bit...these girls are champions!
    ~ Kristina
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    WestieMom got a reaction from Dyan in Chuckle for the day....   
    This cartoon cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh, Dyan.
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    WestieMom got a reaction from CindyT in Chubby Chicks   
    What a fun quilt! I love your swirls and pebbles in the background. When looking at the pic of the back of the quilt I thought you had quilted little circles in the chicks then realized it is the backing...cool effect!
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    WestieMom reacted to Quilting Heidi in Need some opinions   
    LOL you need to take a ride on the wild side!  All caution to the wind girlfriend!
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    WestieMom reacted to chrisquilter in Need some opinions   
    Roflmao! I thought crossing over threads was against the law! I don't know if I could even do it without feeling guilty!   
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    WestieMom reacted to JustSewSimple in Need some opinions   
    It is tight on the frame right now.  What happens when you remove it and it gives some?  Will it pop then?  I don't know, just something to think about.  You did a good job with those letters!
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    WestieMom reacted to lindasewsit in Need some opinions   
    I am going to attempt to post 2 pics..(same thing, just one looks a little better than other) ... Do you think I should leave this as it is or do the micro scribbling to make it pop more? That was my first intention, but I kind of like this look too.  Not sure what I am going to do, but would love some input from others.  thanks!

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    WestieMom got a reaction from RoseCity Quilter in Which Software/Hardware is needed to draw on quilts designs   
    Heidi, I can successfully watch You Tube videos from my iPad, but I have to minimize the video before starting, then I maximize the video window once the video starts. I was having issues when the video screen was maximized and I hit "play". I would get a black screen and sound but no video...try starting the video with the video window minimized first. As for QNNTV I believe all of their more recent videos are formatted so they are supported for smart devices. It's just the older series that aren't supported. At least this has been my experience. Video content which is supported by Flash Player only cant be viewed on the ipad (technical term???). Hope this helps.
    Sorry to get off topic...
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    WestieMom got a reaction from meg in Nice leafy overall   
    You're really something, Linda (I mean that in a really, really good way)! And you even provided a map!!! Can't wait to try this!!! . Thank you for sharing your talent!
    Meg, look at you go! Your new cover looks great!!!
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    WestieMom got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in My first quilt on the long-arm   
    James, you did a fantastic job on this quilt...it looks great! When I'm not happy with something I've stitched I walk away from it for a few hours then go back to take another look with "fresh" eyes...usually it doesn't look as bad as I thought the first time...
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    WestieMom got a reaction from aleksich in Customer's Embroidery Basket quilt   
    Very nice! Your fellow guild member should be thrilled...your quilting is lovely.
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    WestieMom reacted to ffq-lar in To counter the hurt feelings   
    ***Rules to live by on the forum (my perspective only and not sanctioned by APQS or any other governing body. )***
    If you post a photo and ask for quilting design help, and no one replies--don't be discouraged. People are busy. People miss posts. People might have no helpful advice. Princesses might decide they don't want to monopolize the board and allow others to give their advice. You may be a princess yourself and everyone knows you'll figure it out better than they could anyway. Or finally, all one's ideas have been expressed by someone else and all you can do is nod and agree.
    If you post a photo of a finished quilt and ask what advice you might get, don't be discouraged if quilters give you that advice. If you say, "how am I doing? I'm very happy with the outcome.", we'll all give you compliments and comment on your progress. Everyone wants to see a new longarmer making progress. But don't ask for advice or a critique (like--what would a better design have been here?) unless you're willing to accept the advice as it was offered.
    Post those photos--all are happy to view others work, no matter what the skill level. We aren't stuck in princess mode. If we demean the princesses, they'll stop posting and advising.
    Can we please lose the princess thing? It's derogatory in the context which it is used and the only royalty we need here is Queen Dawn!
    I'm kicking the soapbox aside and will try to keep a perspective and be generous of those who have hurt feelings. I have had more than my share of emails over the past eight years calling me a show-off or other unkind things. I've also had emails thanking me for some insight or advice that I've given. So--here's a smilie with it's tongue out.   You can't run me off, you can't stop me from sharing, you'll have to take me as I am and I'll do the same for you. I love you all, understand some better than others, and enjoy this forum so much--it's a huge part of my quilting life.
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    WestieMom got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Finally!!! Feathers!!! And a Peacock Feather!!!   
    Your feathers are looking good!