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  1. Thank you to all. The tears of joy when she tried it on were the best gift I could have received, that and it fitting the first time. I started out by just making her a ring pillow for the wedding.
  2. Linda, I actually found the handiest little foot attachment in my Pfaff drawer that did this skinny rolled hem so fast and easy I couldn't believe I had never used it before. And I wouldn't have even thought of it without a suggestion from my Mom.
  3. Green is the bride & groom's favorite color. As a wedding gift I'm making them a piece of stained glass art with their name on it and a bright green border on the edges. Here's the one I just finished for my husband.
  4. I even had the right shade of green sparkly nail polish to loan her. Thank God for little girls...I'm always buying nail polish for my GD Leah.
  5. Here's one with her broach attached to the sash.
  6. My niece is very tall and thin with curves. I was so afraid her dress was going to be too small by the time she put on her new undergarments. She finally made it to our house 10:00 pm Saturday evening for her first fitting.....I had been praying all day that it would fit and that it turned out the way she wanted. She cried when she saw it. She cried when she got it on. She cried for half an hour. She loves it. And no alterations, it fits her perfectly. And check out the new boots her dad bought her for the wedding. Also the quilt on the machine is her wedding quilt from my Mom, but she d
  7. Myrna, I sent you an email. We'll be getting in Thursday afternoon and staying thru Saturday afternoon. Surely I can find you in 3 days.
  8. Oh Myrna, I too was hoping to pick up some of your DVD's while in Paducah. They're the first 4 things on my shopping list. Are you taking orders to hand deliver & sign?
  9. Absolutely beautiful dress & daughter!!! I can say from experience of making several wedding dresses myself that you girls have done an outstanding job on this dress. I have a niece getting married June 9th and I started putting her bodice together this morning (right after I made the ring pillow and put it in the crocheted cover I had made for her. My Mom & niece, Kristine came over several weeks ago for the initial fitting and designing as she had 2 patterns with her. Kristine's dress will be pretty simple except for the hand beading she has personally designed for the lower fro
  10. We're going but already have 4 in our room. Good luck, hopefully somebody else will be willing to share.
  11. We got flooded out and couldn't make it last year. But we improvised. My Mom & I went to all the quilt shops we could find in Carthage & Joplin, MO the end of April last year. Some of those quilt shops were destroyed by the May tornado. This year Mom and I are taking my cousin Kim again and our very own Paducah first timer, my sister Carrie. We expect we'll have a blast. If we could get a list on here of quilter/piecer names & quilts (so I can print it off) I will take as many pictures as I can. Hope to meet some of you there!
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