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  1. Everything included to get started: Quiltazoid base Front Attachment Board Stylus Arm Eccentric Tool Clear Centering Template Template Adapter Plate Spiral Attachment #1, #2, #7, #12, #15, #18, #19 Templates Two Border Templates All documentation Everything is in like new condition. Shipping not included. Actual shipping cost will be calculated based on your location. Selling the whole package and do not want to seperate. Upgraded to IQ and no longer use it. If you would like anymore information or photos please feel free to contact me. Thanks for looking.
  2. My Millie does not like Signature thread, I spent alot of time with Dawn trying to adjust tension and never could get it to work very well. So I sold all my signaure thread to a friend who owns a gammill and use So Fine and everything looks great. Hope this helps, Tonia
  3. Hi ladies, I have a question regarding the ruler mate w/ thread cutter that I recently purchased used. When I put it on my machine (Millennium) the needle hole is not centered on my needle, so I'm afraid to use it for fear I'll hit the side of the plate if the needle flexes. Is this normal, or do you have any sugguestions on what might be the problem. Thanks Tonia
  4. Westalee Crosshatch Ruler Base 18" Crosshatch Ruler 24" Crosshatch Guide #15 (2" Clamshell and 2" 1/2 Wave) Right Angle Tool for cross hatch base. Asking $100.00 for entire pkg, plus S&H. Please send e-mail to
  5. Hitomi, I'm interested in your base plate, pls e-mail at Thanks, Tonia
  6. If you ladies wouldn't mind sharing I would love to see what you use on your in-take forms. My e-mail address is Thanks ladies.
  7. Carol, I purchased the Westalee Cross Hatch sytem from Quilter Rule and found that the base keeps going under the quilt top bar, which makes it difficult to use. Tonia
  8. According to the Instruction work book I have the Model H 502 Fence, will that work? Thanks Tonia
  9. Can you tell me if the Hartley Fence will attached to the Ultimate 1 machine. Thanks, Tonia
  10. Hartley Fence with Stencil Adapter - Stencil's and Circle maker: Set # 6 Lips and Sm, Med, Lrg, X-lrg Rope Segments Set # 9 Hearts and Butterflies sm, med, lrg Set # 2 Lrg Paisley and sm, lrg Dervish Myrna Ficken - Using Your Harley Fence DVD and Hartley Fence Workbook. Circle Maker Workbook, User's Guide and Stencil Adapter workbook. Asking $250.00 plus shipping For more information please contact me via the board or send me and e-mail to
  11. I recently purchased my Millie and it came with the Leader Grip system, the lady I purchased it from change out the dowels with a hard tubing she purchased from Lowes, so I don't have the sagging problem. But I do have the problem with making sure the edge is straight when loading the quilt top/back. Tonia Camden, NC
  12. Gail, Interested in your Hartley Fence, is it still available? Please e-mail me at Thanks, Tonia
  13. Beth, would like to purchase your panto's, please contact me via e-mail at Thanks look forward to hearing from you. Tonia
  14. Jane, interested in your machine, can you tell me if it is still for sale or not. Thanks Tonia