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  1. APQS sera présent avec Millie, Lucey, Lenni et George Quilt Path en démonstration sur Lucey
  2. Thank you for your super comments, I am going to try and post once a once a month, APQS FRANCE is alive.....:-)
  3. Here is what we are up to in France, Spring, and texture... Enjoy :-)
  4. New picures, but just on the machine before the binding...
  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words, I will try and post a full picture this week... Happy New year to all and have fun doing what you love :-)
  6. Before and after.. Sometimes it is not really a quilt until it is quilted... Smiles
  7. We had a great show... and we are ready for next year
  8. Happy Happy Joy Joy Apqs France Open House was wonderful :-)

  9. OH MY forgot Lenni, Lucey and George.... must be the stress !!!
  10. Happy Happy Joy Joy....... Samples are done, handouts also.... Miss Millie is shinning like a new penny... Keep your fingers crosed the count down has started :-)
  11. L’ATELIER APQS DE PERFECTIONNEMENT QUILTING LONG ARM Les dates: Du Vendredi 22 au Mardi 26 Mai 2015, APQS est heureuse de vous convier à participer au 1erATELIER DE PERFECTIONNEMENT du Quilting Et EXPOSITION de QUILTS présentés par Mme Suzan PONS, Artiste, possédant une grande expérience et pratiquant cet art aux USA en France et à travers tout l’Europe. Lieu : 34280 CARNON (MONTPELLIER) Ancienne salle polyvalente. Avenue des comtes Melgueil située à 10 mn de l’aéroport de Montpellier et 15 mn de la gare SNCF (TGV). (Une liste d’hôtels pour tous budgets vous sera
  12. Do you have them on? How do you like them? Have fun..... :-)
  13. We have a beautiful Millie for sale in France which could be used anywhere in Europe.... It was used for about six months.... beautiful machine with bliss and glide.... It is on the French forum.... if you are interested please let me know.... We would like to have it packed up but need it up to show, the lovely quilter died suddenly and her husband is devastated to see the machine every day.... I am sure that you understand... Thanks Suzan Telephone 33 4 67 50 96 16 portable 33 6 32 13 93 33
  14. Not a spam.... it is true, we have a beautiful machine for sale that can be used anywhere in Europe....
  15. a vendre Systeme de Quilting Long Arm type MILLENIUM ( occasion ) comprenant une grande table de 12 pieds ( 3,35 m ) permettant de travailler sur une largeur de 2,60 m environ Métier avec rouleaux tendeurs munis de canevas pour positionner et épingler ses patchs Profondeur/ longueur de gorge de la tête : 55 cm Régulateur automatique de points inclus Positionneur d’aiguille Découpe automatique du fil inférieur Fonction de point unique haut / bas sur simple pression d’un bouton Point laser lumineux pour suivre des modèles ( voir photo ) Enrouleur automatique de cannettes indépendant Turbo Bobbin
  16. Is Lucy Blissed? did you check the encoder... is it moving as it should.... just an idea....
  17. Just a little post to wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR there are many things to wish for, but I think one of the ones that we would like as quilters is that our bobbin never runs out.... Wishing you lots of beautiful quilts, incredible dreams that come true and joy to all.... Spread your wings and fly the door is open.... Hugs and Smiles to all
  18. Wishing all my APQS family a very special Christmas... Love and joy for all...
  19. APQS First Place went to a German lady (beginners Longarm) CEP second Place went to a French Madame (beginners Longarm) Viewers Choice went to an American/French gal who was in the APQS Show Quilts..... No, I did not get three ribbons..... Just one !!!! Thank you for your comments, we did have a great time....
  20. The choice of the APQS First Place Second Place for CEP and the Viewers Choice for the Show quilts