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  1. It is very time consuming and difficult to do. I was doing a quilt for a friend and explained I wanted the back four inches bigger on all sides than the front. She brought it with barely an inch bigger. I did it for her, but i wish I would have just told her "NO" because I've done several since then for her and she still makes them very short. It saves her fabric she insists. It gives me headaches I insist. Well, she has waited over 6 months to have another one done and I'm not in any hurry. I have never charged her to do any of them. You need to insist they come to you the way you want them or you will constantly be working harder than you need too.
  2. Hi. It's been awhile since I've been on here. It's been a hard year. First four months dealing with asthma and bronchitis. Then I injured my knee and shoulder on my way to Portland in June for one granddaughter's graduation from high school and another's birth of my second great granddaughter. I missed them both. I took my seat belt off, turned around, rested my knee on the seat and reached into the back seat of the pickup to get something. Felt immediate pain in my left knee like I had knelt on a jagged rock and in my right shoulder. We drove straight through (over 700 miles) to get to Portland and this happened a little over midway. Within 24 hours I couldn't walk at all nor use my arm. I was seen in ER and the decision was made to make a beeline for home. OMG was that ever the hardest thing. Thank goodness for good pharmaceuticals. I called both my private Dr and my ortho dr for appts on the drive home. Had to play the game...x-rays, MRI's, injections and finally surgery at the end of August. I shredded the meniscus on one side and tore the one on the other side in my left knee plus a couple of other things. No rotator cuff tear, but being on crutches all this time has taken it's toll on allowing it to heal. I'm still on crutches and it sucks big time. I'm planning to try another trip this week. DH has an Aikido seminar in Seattle so I'm tagging along and getting off in Portland for a couple of days. Now, what I intended to do here was show you a picture of a statue I love. My daughter had to go to SD last week so I asked her to take a picture of it for me. It's called "Dignity". It's a 50 foot tall statue of an Indian Maiden holding a Star Quilt (they called it a blanket, but we all know better) built in Chamberlain, SD on a hillside overlooking the Missouri river. It's the most beautiful thing.
  3. I have learned to do that too. Your's is beautiful. Love the quilting.
  4. This makes me sad. Prayers to her family.
  5. I used duct tape and one time double-sided carpet tape. Either works fine.
  6. I was medically retired so no time to think about it. I adjusted so well it was scary. The hardest part was protecting my new found freedom. People will take advantage of the fact you are home and do not have a job. Learn early to say NO and mean it and make NO excuses. Then enjoy your coffee and pajamas. Once I was working on some stained glass in my garage dressed in my pajamas with the door open and the UPS guy delivered a package. He commented that it must be nice to stay in my pajamas all day. I let him know that I had been up since 4 am, showered, put on clean pajamas (because they are VERY comfortable) and had accomplished a great deal that day. That's the last time I made an excuse to anyone for whatever I was doing. I still wear my pajamas all day and I love quilting in them. Enjoy your retirement.
  7. I've had my Liberty 9 years and I've replaced them three times. The first time I changed them was because they were stretched, Then I ordered some canvases that had been printed with a one inch grid and other markings. I thought I would love them. I did not. That was also my phase of "zippers". Didn't like those either. Then I decided I wanted some pretty canvas. Nope that was kind of stupid. So now I'm back to my natural colored canvases and I seem to be content with them. It's not hard to change them and the canvas is cheap enough. The hardest thing is the first time and fear of messing them up. I think how often you would need to change them would depend on how many quilts you do. I quilt in spurts and only for myself and I let my friends quilt on my machine and I figure about every 3 - 5 years at least.
  8. This is so sad Mary Beth. I'll keep all of you in my prayers.
  9. Awww...that will quilt out...lol. Don't look at the back. Give it a quick pressing...load it on the machine and do some all over quilting. It will look fine. Show after pics.
  10. Oma

    Sewing room finished

    Hi, My design wall is by Cheryl Ann. It completely and quickly breaks down and will fit just about anywhere. I'll post her web site so you can see. Also, I NEVER take it down. I always have a project on it. https://www.cherylannsdesignwall.com/
  11. Makes sense...it's beautiful. Congratulations!
  12. Betsy, Wonderful job. You made it beautiful. Thank you for all your work. Rita will love it. Oma
  13. Oma


    It's an APQS thing. I have a Liberty and she beeps while I'm quilting. Drove me crazy at first, but then you get used to it and never notice it.
  14. OMG! I've forgotten how to sew! AAACCCKKKKK! I was doing a paper pieced design and everything that could go wrong went wrong. I did finally figure out that it wasn't all my fault. The pattern was printed backwards. Then when I was almost done with it I realized I had put the wrong fabric in two places. AAACCCKKKK! I dumped it and made a different one and It will become something else I'm sure. Anyway, I now have my two blocks done and they will go into the mail in the morning. Yay! All the blocks are looking great. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.
  15. Marian, I did this last year. Sheesh! I removed it like Nigel said.
  16. Oma

    Hi Betsy, need y our address please.  Thanks.  Oma


    1. dbams


      Hi Oma,

      My mailing address is:

       Betsy Stephanic, 9305 Thornhill Drive, Clarkston, MI 48348-3562.

      Please let me know when you send your block(s), so I can be on the lookout for it.




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