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  1. Wow, that's green and colours and flowers......we've just got yellow grass and east winds from's freezing, literally!
  2. Sounds like your single stitch needs adjusting......look in your manual or DVD for needle up/down or number 8 screw....this information will be near the back of your manual....
  3. That's fabulous...far better than the regular caterpillar...great job!
  4. Wow that is lovely Anne....wish I had time to piece a quilt????
  5. I posted this elsewhere so sorry if you read it twice but thought it needed a post of it's own???? As many of you know I have a blog on Blogger......I read all of my saved followed blogs from my own blog......from my home/front page I click 'new post' but then close the screen that comes up.....this reveals a hidden the link 'MY BLOGS' on the left...big letters......and then scroll down and my whole list of blogs are there to read right there on my own blog..... Sorry, I know this doesn't help those who don't have a blog of their own.....but you can easily start a blog even just to use it for a blog reader?????
  6. I was recently priviledged to be asked to quilt some special quilts, Memorial quilts for my Customer and her four children. Made from Granny's jeans....four quilts for four Grandchildren Each measuring 45" approx cotton batting Metro thread... As usual more info on my blog Books 1 Jeans Bend... by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Pockets 1 Jeans Bend... by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Windows 3 Jeans Bend... by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Stripes 1 Jeans Bend... by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Thanks for looking....
  7. Wonderful Bonnie.....she will love it and by next week you will love it again too!
  8. That looks like a machine that should do some serious quilting.....just like SS uses!!!
  9. Lovey job Charlotte, I live you chevron/feather border design!
  10. Fabulous Kathy...wish I needed templates, they are a steal!
  11. I think all is back to normal was me messing with some of my Flickr settings for the better I hope....
  12. it wasn't my customers own design you can find details of this quilt by an Australian designer here in the UK as a BoM and here in the Australia Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies....quilting is fun isn't it?
  13. Great work Linda, fantastic dimention through the the colours too!
  14. Oh, that is lovely Marilyn....what a your large photos and how you alternated your fill.....Bet your customer is thrilled with it!
  15. Yeh , I know, I'm like a bus, you wait forever then two come along all at once..... This quilt was beautifully embroidered by my customer Anne..... Beadboard in the borders, CC in the flying geese, feathers and then more feathers...all freemotion handguided with some ruler work. Measures 50" x 50" Glide cream thread, simply cotton batting, calico backing... The pattern is by an Australian designer and can be found here in the UK and here in Australia As usual more info on my blog.... Love Notes 1 Anne by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Love Notes 6 Anne by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Love Notes 7 Anne by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr Thanks for looking....
  16. Great Job.....Jenny always makes her quilts look fast and she is a real fun person in real life too! That would be a good class to teach too Janette???
  17. Next time you want to do this go to the post to which you want to reply and hit the quote button....this brings up a reply window with the original post in can then delete any parts of the original post that you don't want to repeat and then tab down like this to enter you reply.... HTH