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  1. I had no idea you were undergoing health issues. I hope all goes exceedingly well and you are up and quilting soon.
  2. If you are doing hand embroidery, consider using Pellon's SF 101 to back each block. I got this idea from some hand embroiders when I attended a workshop. The up side is that you do not have to use a hoop; the SF 101 gives the block enough stability. Also, it is attached to the back of the block and will not shift as a second layer of fabric might. Also, it does hide jump stitches, knots, etc. And, ditto on making the block bigger and then cutting it down.
  3. Nevaeh's top is adorable (as, I am certain, she is).
  4. Teresa, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. My blocks arrived about five minutes ago. I've looked through all of them and they are all beautiful. I can't wait to have the time to get moving on this quilt. Maybe I'll allot 15 minutes a day to work on this quilt--that way, I'll be having fun along with doing business quilts. Thanks again for all you've done. Clair, do not be in any hurry to send out my block. I doubt I'll really allot 15 minutes a day. It's just wishful thinking.
  5. Teresa, Thanks to both you and your DH. I hope we get to meet in person one day. You are both wonderful for doing all you've done for this swap.
  6. Sorry, but I don't have that in my stash--however, I wish I did because it's beautiful.
  7. Claire, We don't know each other (other than on this forum), but I had both of my knees replaced on June 14 of 2012. I figured I'd be back to quilting in no time. Well, . . . I was in PT three times after leaving the hospital and didn't get to my longarm until June of this year. Now, my right knee is acting up. We all heal at different rates, even in the same body (my left knee is doing very well). You need to take care of you. Without your body in condition, the quilting does not mean a thing. We can all wait. I have so much on my sewing table that it will take me a full-time year of work to
  8. Teresa, I agree with the comments made by others. Do NOT press the blocks; we can do that. You have taken on far too much already. Make certain you and Nevaeh have 22 blocks. I think the rest of us can wing it. I certainly will make do with fewer than 22 blocks. Thanks for all you have done in this swap.
  9. I agree with Laura. If possible Teresa, could you wait until the end of the month. Because you are a teacher, I realize the pressure you are under to get ready for the new school year (I'm retired, but I remember!). But, if we could wait until the end of the month, it might be enough time for everyone to get their blocks in. Just sayin'.
  10. Bonnie, Unless it's in one of the blocks, I thought of adding a sun. What is more indicative of Summer than a sun?
  11. Claire, I'm certain that I speak for all the members of the swap when I tell you that NO FQs are required or wanted. You take care of you and we'll put the blocks together when we get them. I know that each of us has "at least" one other project on which we can work. I have so many, I have to keep a list. Remember, LIFE HAPPENS!!
  12. I think the lizard panto is the best of both worlds--it's the gecko she wants and it is curvy enough to take away from all the lines.
  13. No one, except us, will know what the size of the blocks is supposed to be. I have "resized" so many blocks in making tops, I can't remember how many I've done. We can all work around any such small issues. I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Looking forward to getting all the blocks. LET'S HEAR A GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR TERESA!!! And, in my book, only God is perfect.
  14. Teresa, Have the ice cream cones arrived yet? I'm getting worried. Thanks for all you do,
  15. Hello, Teresa There are 22 ice cream cone blocks on their way to Tennessee. I signed all but one (for Oma) and it's on top of the pile. Each block is slightly bigger than the 12 1/2 inch square (just wanted a little wiggle room for fraying, etc.). I included a SASBox and a little extra postage. If the extra is not needed, I want you to keep it for sending out the original blue fabric to me. Each block has a "blueberry" on top of the cone. I was told they should arrive by Monday; let me know if they don't because there is a tracking number. Now I'm getting excited about getting all 22 differen
  16. Bonnie, thanks for the freezer paper idea. It made signing the blocks so easy. Great suggestion.
  17. Does she live near Pennsylvania??? I could use a redo on my quilting room. Looks great so far.
  18. I'm using my January 2012 prices (since I spent the last year rehabbing double knee replacements--both on June 14 of last year) and charge $1.50 per bobbin. Reading the above posts, I think I'm going to revise that to $2.00 per bobbin. I think that is the fairest way. You can also charge per thread change. Sometimes I do that--when the customer wants the different thread colors. If I want to do it, but the customer did not ask for it, I do not charge. If I use a few yards from a bobbin, I don't charge for it. If I use close to half of a bobbin, I charge full price for it. I also have a minimum
  19. Teresa, My blocks are appliqued and there's a bunch of ice cream cones on my dining room table (sort of appropriate). I'm going to square and sign them. You indicated in one post that they must be a minimum of 12 1/2 inches square. Do you think that it would be a problem if I made them larger (thinking of edge fraying in the transport, etc.) and let the recipient do the final squaring? Let me know what you think. I'll check in later. First, the signing.
  20. BTW, just five blocks to go and I'll be sending you some ice cream cones.
  21. Two flip-flops on one block are fine for me.