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  1. Thanks for the replies so far. I do have the M&M wheels but have also put on the grounding kit a few years ago. Just not sure what is making it do this.
  2. Sorry about the topic title wasn't really sure what to call this. I was at the back of the machine tonight and happened to notice the needle that tells you your stitch length was jumping back and forth (see attached picture), I went to the front to see if it was jumping and it wasn't. This doesn't seem to be affecting the stitch length when quilting but I'm not sure why it's doing this. I do have the IQ hooked up but the needle jumps weather IQ is on or off. Truth is I'm not sure when it started doing this I just happened to see it tonight. Any idea's or thoughts on this one. My machine
  3. I just tried Linda's method and I am soooooo happy with it. It all made sense when I did it step by step, I really think this is the best my backs have gone on. Thank you Linda for taking the time to posting how you do yours.
  4. Thanks for the reply Patty...I'm haveing the IQ installed today and am being charged taxed on the travel charge, was just wondering if this is normal.
  5. Looking for some input from dealers. If you charge your customer so much per mile to deliver and set up what ever it is they bought, do you also charge tax on this amount?
  6. Thanks for the response Barb. Glad you mentioned aluminum screws wouldn't even have thought about that.
  7. Can you tell me what size screws are used in the back handles? I would like to get one that is a little longer, when I attached a ground wire to my handle it seems the screw isn't long enough now to keep the handle from coming loose. Just want to make sure I get the same thread cut as what is in it now. Thanks Terri
  8. Does anyone have a picture of the magnetic bars your talking about? I don't believe I've ever seen them and I just can't figure out how your using them.
  9. If you have an extra pin cushion you could put them in it, set it someplace so you can still look at them and think about how pretty they are.
  10. What a neat looking quilt, I'm betting he is going to love it.
  11. Congratulations and welcome! How much sleep do you think you'll get tonight?
  12. @Linda---here is a web site I found that makes it so easy to resize a picture for posting, check it out maybe it'll help. http://www.resize.it/
  13. I'm getting a rattling noise (sounds like when our bobbins get low only louder) I'm pretty sure I need to repack the gear box again. I have two questions, can I use lithium grease and would someone e-mail me the instructions on how to do it. I did this a few years back and for the life of me I can't find my post or the instruction on how to do it. Thank you for any help and or replies.
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