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  1. As a nurse ~ I just have to ask ~ what the heck happened there?! Looks like a spinal fusion or repair of some kind. Are those screws? The 'this is beyond belief' reaction I had looking at this xray reminds me of an Alzhiemer's patient I cared for once who kept trying to hand himself a piece of paper in the mirror--was getting very frustrated and upset and kept returning to the mirror many times throughout the day doing the same thing. I couldn't stand watching him being so frustrated, so I took a black felt tip pen and put wavy lines horizonitally across the mirror with a 2" space between them hoping he would see that there was a barrier between what he thought was himself and the other man. So after a while he walked up to the mirror and studied it for a moment then said, "I'll tell you what--that was one hell of a mudslide!" I feel for you needing such a lot of spinal repair--that must have been one heck of a recovery!
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