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  1. Dear gbeason: The IQ has been purchased, but the Millie is still for sale.
  2. Zeke--see my ad from today (7/11/16) re the 2009 Mille with Bliss upgrade and IQ. Will be willing to sell the IQ separate. Stashed in CA
  3. 2009 APQS Millennium 12’ table Long-arm with Bliss upgrade has sold. Thank you.
  4. Can anyone suggest a pantograph pattern that would look nice on this nine-patch? Or does it not lend itself well to pantograph? Thank you so much. Carol
  5. Learning2Quilt: I don't know, but if you go to the IQ site (www.intelliquilter.com) you could find that out. I would guess so--but I'm not sure.
  6. Hi, Gardenmax ~ I would mark down the whole unit by $2,000. rather than sell them separate, since I would have no use for the IQ without the Mille. A $2,000. reduction would enable the buyer to have the machine shipped to them and they could, if they wanted, sell the IQ.
  7. Can anyone tell me what thread color would best show off the quilting on this black and white paisley? Thanks you so much! Carol
  8. Can anyone tell me what thread color would show off the quilting best on this black and white paisley fabric? Thank you so much. Carol
  9. I posted my 2009 Mille with IQ for sale yesterday on the Used Machine Forum pages and all but one other post headline is in BOLD, mine and one other looks "dim" does anyone know why that would be?
  10. 2009 APQS Millennium with 12' table with Bliss Upgrade with IQ HAS BEEN TAKEN OFF THE MARKET FOR NOW. I SINCERELY THANK YOU, EVERYONE WHO POSTED.
  11. As a nurse ~ I just have to ask ~ what the heck happened there?! Looks like a spinal fusion or repair of some kind. Are those screws? The 'this is beyond belief' reaction I had looking at this xray reminds me of an Alzhiemer's patient I cared for once who kept trying to hand himself a piece of paper in the mirror--was getting very frustrated and upset and kept returning to the mirror many times throughout the day doing the same thing. I couldn't stand watching him being so frustrated, so I took a black felt tip pen and put wavy lines horizonitally across the mirror with a 2" space between them hoping he would see that there was a barrier between what he thought was himself and the other man. So after a while he walked up to the mirror and studied it for a moment then said, "I'll tell you what--that was one hell of a mudslide!" I feel for you needing such a lot of spinal repair--that must have been one heck of a recovery!
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