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  1. I have a new pacemaker and read that people with them can't be around certain industrial machines ~ would anyone know if a long-arm would fall into that category?
  2. Does anyone know of a link to which I could watch a video on the use of the Hartley Base that came with my Mille? Thanks so much.
  3. I would love to have some suggestions on how you would quilt this baby quilt. Crosshatch? Stipple? Some other small design? What color thread (lighter or darker than the fabric) would you use? Thanks! California quilter.
  4. I would love to have some suggestions on how you would quilt this baby quilt/wall hanging. Crosshatch? Stipple? Some other small design? And what color quilting thread would you use?
  5. I've upgraded to Bliss and needed to change out my R & S Design attachment from Regular Mille. to Bliss Mille. Anyone wanting my old stylus/attachment can email me at: seamsso@ca.rr.com. Carol
  6. Bonnie ~ My husband is very handy that way, also--I've been talking to him about that, but I wondered if perhaps attaching anything to it would change it's sensitive balance? I don't want to do anything that will alter the wonderful glide it has. Thanks everyone for the info. on the Bliss and M & M wheels. It sounds like I have it all! Carol in CA
  7. Dawn ~ your reply sounds like I do but I don't??? " I DO know that if you have Bliss, you DO have four M&M wheels on the sewing head. The Bliss carriage uses steel ball bearings to glide along the long rails instead of the M&M wheels." I DO, but I have ball bearings instead? Could you clarify that? Also, then, does the Bliss not come with a point of attachment for a stylus? Thanks so much. Carol in CA
  8. Could someone tell me--Is the Bliss system compatable with the RNS Design Boards? Since I put the new Bliss on my Mille, I can't figure out how to attach the RNS Stylus now. And... Does the Bliss System come with what are called the M & M wheels? I don't know if I have them or not... Thanks so much Carol in CA
  9. I bet you were walking four feet off the ground for several days before your feet finally touched ground again once your Mille arrivfed ~ Don't get impatient ~ mine had to sit in it's crate 8 months until its room was ready, but it sure was worth it! I'm happy for you! Carol Gibson
  10. As a nurse ~ I just have to ask ~ what the heck happened there?! Looks like a spinal fusion or repair of some kind. Are those screws? The 'this is beyond belief' reaction I had looking at this xray reminds me of an Alzhiemer's patient I cared for once who kept trying to hand himself a piece of paper in the mirror--was getting very frustrated and upset and kept returning to the mirror many times throughout the day doing the same thing. I couldn't stand watching him being so frustrated, so I took a black felt tip pen and put wavy lines horizonitally across the mirror with a 2" space between them hoping he would see that there was a barrier between what he thought was himself and the other man. So after a while he walked up to the mirror and studied it for a moment then said, "I'll tell you what--that was one hell of a mudslide!" I feel for you needing such a lot of spinal repair--that must have been one heck of a recovery!
  11. I tried to help you out, but mine are so 'old school' that I couldn't come up with something. But here's mine: (background: my sister and I used to fight as kids ~ I always won until one day my mother told her "hit her back - if you do, I promise you she won't hit you again. Mom was right. My sister really let me have it.) Only Sisters I have an only sister She has an only me Together with our half-baked dreams We make an only three Who take a stand and keep it For reasons not quite clear And would rather not attend to The Voice that says to veer One day I met her head-on The results weren't meditated All her broken bones and mine Were bravely medicated. Today it's been a long time Since we agreed to disagree In ways that didn't bring such pain To her and or to me.
  12. I was wondering ~ do many of you use zippers on your canvas and if so, where did you buy them from? Thanks! Carol Gibson
  13. What awesome ideas! Thanks so much to all of you who have welcomed me so warmly. You seem to be a 'Sisterhood of Quilters'. I knew (from reading all of your posts for months now) that ideas would flow ~ Thanks a bunch. Carol
  14. "For example, we will be working on developing a crack team of APQS certified technicians across the country to provide additional service opportunities for all of you. This will be an intensive training, far beyond even our two-day maintenance course offered periodically and will require testing to ascertain that each technician is indeed "certified" to do the work. We are in the very preliminary stages of developing this program, so the details and requirements are not formulated at this point. However, if this opportunity interests you or your significant other, be sure to drop me an email so I can keep you posted about its progress." This is wonderful news because I would love to have a technician I could have come to my home and evaluate my machine--my husband and I set it up and I would like to know we did the best job that could be done and I would like to have its performance checked out. Can't wait for this service!
  15. I'd like to introduce myself ~ I'm Carol Gibson and live in Corona, CA. I've had my Mille just a year (much of that time it was crated because its room was not yet finished). I'm an RN and about to retire ( Jan.) and am looking forward to lots more quilting time. I've just ordered the Bliss system ~ due entirely to the rave comments from users in this forum. I want to tell you that I have learned tons of helpful information from reading all of your posts ~ I print them off and take them into work with me to read on my down time. I think I could have paid lots of money to learn so many of the things in classes that you share with others freely here. I would like to ask a question: I bought the Quilt Pounce after watching a demonstration of it on a quilting show. In the demonstration the woman described how to tap it to load the pounce into the bottom of the "pouncer" and then swipe it across the stencil. It looked like it worked beautifully. I've tapped mine repeatedly but it doesn't leave much of a decernable chalk line. Do many of you use this and do you get good results? Thanks for your input.
  16. I wasn't able to go on their new website yesterday, but have been able to go on it today without problem. You might try again today. It is up and running. Carol
  17. Could someone tell me what M & M Wheels are? Thanks! Carol
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