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  1. Hi Sharon,

    I just read one of youth posts.

    Said you are sitting to do pantographs, are you using the precise pantograph system?

    If you are how much do yo like it?

    I am thinking about buying the system, but can not afford to buy something that I will not really use.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you,




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    2. Sharon Deming

      Sharon Deming

      That is a challenge - but I found it easier than being in traction from standing.  I positioned the laser so that it points nearly straight down. That way I don't have to lean to the left any further than necessary. When I finish every row and sometime in the midst of the row, I stretch, breathe, and drink water to keep the juices flowing. And since I have to walk to the front and back and front and back as I advance the quilt, position for the next row, etc., that helps.

    3. Gwen Clark

      Gwen Clark

      Thank you I will give it a try.

    4. CyndiC


      Gwen, I sit and do the pantos all the time. I don't hold both handles. I sit a little left to the machine, place my left hand on the handle and my right hand on the back (at the bottom) of Millie and use that to help guide the machine. This is how I do when I stand also. I just move my right hand up a bit. I've had surgery on both my feet with resulting nerve damage so I can't stand for long periods. This works very well for me. 

  2. Thank you Barb, Are there any other brands out there that make a base so I can do ruler work? Gwen Clark
  3. Looking for new or almost new M&M Wheels for may older Millie.
  4. I am looking for a preowned Hartley Fence Base with thread cutter. Or similar product. Thanks for any help!
  5. Stretch Longarm Quilting Machine and 10' Table made by The Quilting Solution (machine and table are now sold under the name Homesteader). The machine and table are approximately 5 years old, have been very well maintained. I have quilted about 12 quilts on this machine. I paid $2,322.00 for the machine and table. That was the price without shipping or tax. I am asking $975.00. Would also take offers. The machine and table are setup in my home and ready for a test drive. Buyer responsible for all take down and moving. Location - Tampa, Florida Gwen Clark
  6. I am getting the table and machine from a private seller. We have talked to APQS and I know what it would cost to get the rails and table. I just thought someone may want the smaller table, say for a smaller home or an apartment. I have seen posts saying some are moving to smaller spaces and would like to keep quilting but will not beable to take the larger tables with them, so I thought someone may want to trade. Gwen
  7. Table was ordered from the factory in the 8 ft size to take to shows. I will be the proud owner the middle of November 2010 and would like a longer table. Anyone out there that would like a smaller size table? Gwen Clark Tampa, Florida 1-813-962-6625