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  1. I also use Superior Sew Fine. Love it. I use it for longarm, piecing, and embroadery. Nothing is "Lint Free" but it sure has made the difference in dust and lint in my studio.
  2. Does anyone have pantovision on a Nolting yet? Santa did not bring me one and just wondered if anyone else got one.
  3. Hi Kate, I am interested in the featherz borderz. My CL is on its way to me now. I can't wait. Featherz is one I wanted. Please let me know. Karen McMahan mck@nefccom.net or 904-259-9599. Thank you
  4. Sorry Anne- I talked to a friend who has a Nolting as well, she said the cl was not fo our machine. Thank you- Karen
  5. Anne, I am looking for a sl will you call me tomarrow after Church? or e-mail me with your number and I will call you. Karen McMahan (904)259-9599 mck@nefcom.net. Thnk you- Kareb
  6. I am interested, but do not know if it will work with my machine. Could you e-mail me or give me your phone number and I will call you or you can call me. I have a Nolting, 24" Long arm. Older - thank you
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