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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I now have several new stain remover products on order! AND I am throwing away the yellow chalk!!!!!
  2. Justs tried pinning the edges together like above and just as I suspected, the left side was looser than the right. Not by alot, but saggy. Not enought to trim off so I left the edges pinned together and sprayed the left side with clean water and am letting it dry. Already it is starting to straighten. Thanks for the idea. I think this will work!!!!
  3. I used it on white! Would have been better using the soluble marker. Never again!
  4. Oh dear, I put just one very short line of yellow chalk on a clients quilt. Thinking it would just brush off....no such luck. I have tried sew clean on a rag. Still there.... Any other ideas?
  5. Thanks, I just read it and printed to try on my next quilt. I hope it is easier to do than read!
  6. I am not sure what the problems is. No matter how I measure or how careful I am lining up the quilt back the left upper corner always sags? Could the canvas be crooked? I have unwound them and re-wound them. double checked my center markings. And it always comes back to the left upper corner. Any ideas or advice?
  7. Okay all you experts out there....I just marked a customer quilt with just a single yellow line to follow and now I can't get it out. I thought it would just brush off. I have tried Sew Clean on a rag. It is getting worse. HELP!
  8. Okay all you experienced quilters--am I nuts? I keep trying to match my bobbin thread to the quilt back while using another color on top. An example--I am using King Tut off white on the top and the backing is deep marron. Essentially, I am using white on top and red in the bobbin. My tension seems just fine, but I get itsy bitsy points of red on top. Is that just a function off two colors or should I mess more with the tension.
  9. Loved the idea of the basting spray and it worked well. Kept the stencil from sliding all over the place. No one ever told me to "prime" the pounce. It has helped a lot.
  10. Any suggestions for using a pounce pad? It seems like it is harder than it should be. I pounce, I drag, I squeeze extra powder out and rub it over the stencil and it still have trouble getting an even pattern to follow. I have a great stencil I found today that is perfect for my next quilt. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. I am just getting ready to start another quilt top for my best friend. It is the first time to do someone elses quilt. I have done a lot of my own but I feel a bit more pressure with this because it isn't mine. I am using a scrap to test my thread tension before I start because I am changing threads from Poly to Cotton. Everything looks great, top and bottom with the exception of the pointy parts of a swirl. There I can see some bobbin thread coming up. Suggestions? I have a milennium.
  12. Good points. I didn't think about the batting bunching up when washed. I guess I will need to play around with different thread colors. Thank you so much for the in-put.
  13. One more thing--this is a pattern by Ruth Eckersley a long arm quilter from Spokane WA. I have seen it done in holiday fabric and it is adorable. I have made two of them. One was in Valentine fabric with quilted hearts, another, St. Patricks day quilted with shamrocks!
  14. I have quilted a couple of these and have just done stitch in the ditch and it looks just fine. But I have also seen it done with an all over design. Since she has a flower in the middle, what about an allover flower pattern?
  15. I know that my quilting should be about the same density throughout the quilt top. But when I did a pass through one strip (this is a railroad pattern of patterned strips of Amy Butler fabric) it looks like I scribbled on it. There is a mixture of lights and darks so I can't just change the thread--it will still show in one or the other blocks. Would it be awful to leave them unquilter? The strip is 4 inches wide and the strips on either side are quilted. The quilting just seems to distract from the fabric. any advice?