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  1. My Lenni arrived Tuesday. May 13 year old son and I put it together (only 1 call to my local dealer). That was an accomplishment in and of itself. Then I had to wait til today to try quilting due to family projects that had to be done. I threaded the machine with glide thread and put a magna bobbin in the bobbin, after I watched Dawn's how to load a quilt. I then spent close to 20 minutes trying to figure out why the top thread kept breaking and getting a whole bunch of it in and around the bobbin area. I was getting upset. here's my new machine and I can't sew. Finally loosened the top thread a full turn and off we went. What a joy and a relief. I have so much to learn. But I got started. YEA!!!
  2. I like the stencil the way it is, unfortunatly that isn't what your customer asked for. Sometimes a quilt can be overquilted. not much for suggestions but I like where you're going with it.
  3. Bet hubby will have something in his garage that will work to cover the fly wheel. I have 3 quilt tops that I want to do and friends already asking if I'll do theirs. Boy do I need to PPP. Where do you all buy your batting?
  4. Thank you all for all of your good advice. I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and I don't even know exactly when Lenni will be here yet. I have ordered thread, bobbins, and 2 pantos. Sooooo, now it's off to the store to get batting and material to play with. I should be all ready to play, I hope. Can hardly wait.
  5. I'm really new to this. Any suggestions on types of thread and bobbins to order. thank you for your suggestions. Guess I should say I ordered the Hartley fence with it too.
  6. Lenni has been ordered and if all goes well could be here by the end of next week. I'm excited and anxious. I'm also wondering what kind of "toys" I should have here waiting so I can start to play right away. You are all so helpful I thought I'd get a few ideas. Thanks
  7. Heidi, wishing I could be there to hear you speak. I JUST ordered Lenni and have SO much to learn
  8. wonkie or not I love what you did
  9. I did get the e-mail about the Lenni sale. Wow!! Kathy has been kind enough to set some time aside on Saturday to let us come down and see her Lenni. Let's keep our fingers crossed that hubby is impressed. Penny thank you for your offer. I will keep it in mind incase something comes up tomorrow. Everyone is so thoughtful and helpful here. Makes my choice feel even more right.
  10. Love the quilt, the colors are awsome, but then they're my favorite.
  11. Kathy, Thank you so much for your offer. I'd like to take you up on it. My husband wants to see one before I take the leap and buy. I saw one the end of June at a show and absolutely loved it then. I can't stop thinking about having one. I am going to try an U2U so that we can get in touch.
  12. Brandy Rice and the people at APQS have been very helpful. Answering my questions and all my husband the engineers questions too. Brandy let me "play" with her Millie a coupld weeks ago. Great machine but for some reason I've fallen for Lenni. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  13. I have fallen in love with the Lenni but my husband wants to see one before I purchase it. Can anyone help me. We live in the Sacramento area.
  14. I have visited the dealer in the area, Brandy Rice. She let me play with her Millie. Unfortunatlly she dosen't have a Lenni. I'm convinced it's Lenni I want but then I got to play with one at a quilt show in Reno at the end of June. Just hoping to satisfy hubbies need to see the little guy.
  15. Thanks Sylvia for your thoughts. I've read so much good advice here for the past month and finally decided to join too. For some reason he wants to SEE one himself. Guess it's the cost that is haunting him. He has checked the web out some.
  16. Thanks Sylvia, Do you think if I took him to see a Millie that would be close enough to the Lenni for him to get the idea. He's such an engineer:)
  17. I saw my first longarm in June and instantly wanted one. I've tried different machines and love the Lenni. Hubby is behind me but wants to see/touch a Lenni before we jump in and buy. Is there anyone in the Sacramento, ca area that has a Lenni he can see.