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  1. I love my Quiltazoid. You will definitely want the manual for the spiro attachment. If she doesn't have it I'd be happy to scan mine and e-mail them to you.
  2. I like it. Plus I see another cool border idea!
  3. I have a 12' table and a customer who brings me quilts that use up all the space available (I've done more than 10 for her in the past 3 years). If I wanted to use my quiltazoid it would be very complicated on her quilts to do so. I would get the 14' table if I had enough space just for the every now and then wish for more space.
  4. I got anti-fatigue matts and oh what a difference. I like to quilt bare foot but couldn't do so very long. Then I started wearing my running shoes but with the added cushion from the matts my ankles and legs don't hurt at all when I'm done quilting.
  5. I am here!! I haven't been on the forum lately, started a new full time job. But I am HERE! and looking forward to a week all about quilting. I'm taking 5 classes, oh my . Jodi Robinson, Myrna Ficken, Karen Sievert, and Angela Walters are all teachers I'm taking classes from.
  6. Oh I've been eyeing this program forever, to bad the timing is off for me or I'd snatch it up.
  7. I have a Lenni. I got it because I too thought it was easier to use/move. I love my Lenni. Here comes the BUT, I wish I'd at least gotten Lucy for the extra throat space alone. You are the only one who can decide which machine is right for you. The new Bliss system makes Millie and the Freedom so much easier to move. Look at what each machine can offer you and what you don't want to live with out. Go from there, either choice is a good one IMHO.
  8. I too have bought more than a few things from people here with great success. Always in the condition it was listed to be in or better and once I got an extra awesome surprise. I've bought my quiltazoid and Circle Lord Giant boards from people here. Happy customer here. I always look for the sale stuff here before I order what I'm after.
  9. I sent you an email. Saying prayers for you. And (((hugs)))
  10. Please let me know how you want to be paid etc.
  11. Wow I didn't see cosmos on the list the first time. I want it too if its still available
  12. Let me know too or if you have paypal.
  13. I'd like the square dance. Tried to send you a message and it says you can't get any more.
  14. Wow I thought it was me, I've had a run of these lately too.
  15. Thank you Carmen, I didn't realize that the Star Dance and Square Dance are the same.
  16. Hartley fence for Lenni, standard table, $200 plus shipping. I bought this when I got my machine in 2010. I've used it a couple of times, it's still in great shape but needs a home where it won't just sit there. I'm in Northern CA please e-mail me at
  17. Long story short I have two #4 Stars and Such templates. I would like to sale one of them, $60.00 obo including shipping in the USA. email me at
  18. I get to pick out one circle lord giant template for my birthday!! I'm having trouble deciding which one to get. I have the swirls and use it a great deal. I am looking at either the cosmos, fan/clam, or the square dance. Thoughts, recommendations, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  19. When I float my tops I put painters tape around my top roller at the edge of each side of the quilt and at any borders that I want to have stay straight. Then as I advance I check to make sure the edges and borders all still line up in the same spots. Sometimes I pin close to the roller before I quilt so that it stays in place too. Hope that is clear and helps. I've done what you said happened to you more than once.
  20. I'm sorry, I know this has been discussed but I cant find more than a couple of threads about it. My DH and I were at the insurance place today and we were getting a quote for insurance for my business. I have a quote for a Business owners Policy (BOP) but the agent and I were having a difficult time finding the "right" name to classify the "Longarm" business under. We discussed embroidery (I can not spell), clothing/tailoring (because it involves fabric) but nothing seems right. Does anyone have any suggestions, please!!! TIA