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  1. I've looked and pondered and felt frustrated all day. So I was talking on the phone to my daughter a few minutes ago and saw this shiny thing on the tile floor. It was the black finger that had broken off. As the Wonder Pets would say "this is searweous"! I'll be calling you tomorrow, Dawn. Thanks for the help!
  2. I was doing a t-shirt quilt with really heavy seams and broke a needle. Replaced the needle -- everything seemed okay. Finished the t-shirt quilt, loading another regular type quilt and while stitching the top to the back and batting, the new needle broke. I thought maybe I just didn't tighten it good (even though I made a point to when putting it in). Well, when I started to take out the bobbin case, the lever that usually goes left-right and opens out from the right is pointing up and down with the lever opening from the top. I've used this machine since 2004, have broken a few needles and
  3. Ok . . Now I REALLY feel STUPID! Kueser as soon as I read your post, I remember changing the needle yesterday morning and so I checked --- yep! in was in backwards! You all have been so sweet and patient to help me. Maybe someone else can learn from my lunacy. I know I have! At least I learned how to raise my hopping foot, it really was too low! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  4. It depends on where I am on the quilt and the fabric pattern. Sometimes one just has to bury the threads to keep the start/stop from showing. If you are on a fabric with a pattern and the backing is also busy, the other method you mentioned works well. It will be interesting to see what others have to say with more experience/talent.
  5. Well, I got the hopping foot height adjusted. Thanks for all the info. Now..... I still have the "clack" sound whenever the needle starts back up again. It's in that area of the picture above, but I can't see two things touching each other that don't normally. It sounds a little like what the hopping foot touching the base might sound like but I've got a piece of batting there so I'm sure that's not it ---- and I've not heard it make that sound until yesterday morning when I was getting ready to start quilting. It makes the noise if I have it running or if I turn the fly wheel to have it m
  6. You guys are awesome! (Which of course has been evident about this forum for years). I'll acquire a longer skinny screwdriver and brush up on my braille and tackle after church. I have got to get one of those maintenance manuals. Fortunately my machine has been so reliable it hasn't been much of a problem since the first year or so when it was mostly "user issues." Thank you so much! I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. Heidi, I went to look at that area of my Millie and there is no black cap anywhere I can find. There are 4 black screws at the front of the machine but I think they have to do with the handles. There is a hole on the right hand side between the light switch and the tension mechanism where a long screwdriver might fit through and reach to where the "take up" arm for the needle and hopping foot is. I tried to put a screwdriver in there but was not able to find a notch to put it in -- of course I couldn't see it, I was just doing it by feel. Thank you for your thoughts though -- please let me
  8. I think my hopping foot has slipped too low. When the needle is at its lowest point a business card will slip under the hopping foot from behind but not from the front. There is also a clacking noise as the needle gets to the bottom and starts back up again. I bought my Millie new in 2004 and do not have a manual. I've researched on the forum about moving the hopping foot up but cannot seem to find a hole in the needle bar area to insert a screwdriver to turn any screw. Any help would be appreciated. I've looked but cannot find a place where I can download the maintenance manual. Is it
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