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  1. I completed it as a non professional quilter, since I so rarely am actually paid. The last question was something to the effect of "What would you change in the machine quilting industry if you could??" I drew a complete and absolute BLANK. Anyone answer that? What kind of changes need to be made that I'm not thinking about?? Cheryl in Iowa
  2. Just got home from MQS...mine was a quick trip, just two classes and a whole bunch of shopping. The show was wonderful, and I am again re energized to quilt and try new things. I stopped at the APQS booth for a fast "hello" then off to shop some more. Maybe next year I\'ll get vacation time from my other job so that I\'ll get to stay around long enough to meet some of you. Cheryl (back) in Iowa
  3. I order from King's Men Quilt supply. ( They're the closest supplier to me, and I've always been happy with the prices and service.
  4. Cool, will it work on other chat groups? Cheryl in Iowa
  5. Yes, the thread should come from over the top, so when you have it in the bobbin case and pull on the tail, the bobbin spins clockwise. Cheryl in Iowa
  6. Just a little north of Missouri we are expecting freezing rain along with thunder snow. I'm pretty tired of winter. We had to close off our sun room when the temps dropped to zero and stayed there. My poor Annabelle Liberty is in the sun room so I am having quilting withdrawl. I've been down now for almost a month!! Cheryl in Iowa
  7. I've gone for the last 3 years...but the dates this year are a problem. I've put in for the vacation time, but it won't be approved until mid, I can't sign up for classes until I know if I'm off. Sure hope everything isn't all full. Last year was just a one day trip for classes, but I really enjoyed the free demos...and of course the shopping. The free demos were really very interesting.....and they were located just off the main lobby. Cheryl in Iowa
  8. I've had my Liberty over two years, and have only had a space problem once on a panto that measured 13 inches...I thought I could fudge it. I got it done, then gave the panto to a friend with a bigger machine. I love the weight and manouverability of the Liberty. Makes freehand so easy. I'm 5'2" and I have to stretch just a little on the back side of the machie to clip would be impossible on a Millie for me to reach over. I love my Liberty, it's just right!! Cheryl
  9. Nope, not yet. I have to work today, and with the holiday weekend it will be Tuesday before I can give them a call. Hope it is something that will be quick to fix...I need that machine working. Thanks for the reply. Cheryl in Iowa
  10. Last year we stayed at the Holiday Inn. Not quite as expense as the host hotel, but not cheap. It is about a city block away, so with in walking distance to take your shopping treasures back to your room! There is a "room mate" co ordinator that will help you locate someone to share a is in the catalog. I got mine yesterday.....I don't think I will be able to attend this year, but there are so many classes that I want.....need to look at my schedule again to see if maybe I can work it out. Cheryl in Iowa
  11. Help!! My stitch regulator is having some problems. For the last year or so it would very occasionally get goofy....long stitches, erratic behaviour. I found that if I unpluged the wheel sensor (after checking to make sure it wasn't out of adjustment or have threads caught) waited a few moments and plugged it back in every thing was fine...for a long while. Now however, the erratic stitches are more frequent. And today a new problem. While in stitch regulated mode I slowed down, stopped and the machine slowed down and stopped as it is supposed to do ....then, it just raced. Scared me half to death. Thankfully I was way to one side of the quilt so it won't be too much ripping, but now I am wondering if someting is going out. Christmas is coming, I have 8 quilts left to fnish!! Help. Cheryl in Iowa
  12. When I pin blocks to my design wall I use spent machine needles. The old machine needles are pretty heavy duty and will hold up entire quilt tops. They hold into to the foam board very well, and are easy to grab on to. I'm not sure if I am cheap;), but this works for me. I have painted the machine end with bright paint...they are really easy to see when reaching for them. Model car paint in the little bottle works well. Just dip, and let it dry. You don't have to paint them....they'll work just as well bare metal!! Cheryl in Iowa
  13. My first quilter was a table top affair that I set up at one end of the basement family room. It was OK, a finished room, enough space and close to my sewing room. My Liberty went into the same location a year later....had to bring her table parts in through the dinky window, tho!! It was OK, but the lighting was a problem. No real wndows, no natural light, and kind of depressing to head for the basement on beautiful sunny days. We decided to add a Sunroom. This very nice large addition (16.6 X 24) is right off the kitchen and houses Annabelle and a nice family area. My sewing room is still in the basement, and it is a great retreat area away from most interruptions...but Annabelle and I play in the sun room when ever possible!! Cheryl in Iowa
  14. I have the pink foam insulation board...two 4 X 8 sheets screwed into the wall. I then covered the board with Hobbs 80/20 batting. The nice thing about it is the ability to stick pins into the foam. I've found that when I am assembling tops, the strips don't always want to stay attached just patting them onto the batt...and my quilt tops sometime stay on the design wall longer than I want to admit! The wall looks so empty when I finally take it down to quilt. Cheryl in Iowa
  15. This topic has been an interesting read for me. I bought a Handiquilter 4 years ago this month so that I could finish my own quilts. My local LA'er had two of my quilts for almost 2 years at that point. Now I did tell her I was in no hurry, but two years seems a little excessive. We are freinds, and she is a wonderful person..very giving and helpful, too. The Handiquilter with my old Viking was fine for awhile. Then I need more space, so I up graded my machine to a Juki....bigger throat area. That was fine for a while. Then I need Handi Handles. That was fine for awhile. Then I wanted to work from the front of the machine. I went to MQS the last year it was in Springfield IL to just look at what I could buy to make my shortarm set up more workable. What made my system more workable was an APQS Liberty. I ordered it before coming home, took delivery in July 2004. My DH is a great guy with plenty of expensive toys, and his own expensive hobbies so I was blessed to have his support and encouragement. He wanted the Millennium....bigger he thought, top of the more "that was fine for awhile". But my Liberty is just right for me. I love it. Someday I will quilt for others, but right now I am enjoying my "liberty" in doing my own quilts. Cheryl in Iowa Annabelle APQS Liberty