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  1. Does anyone happen to have a paper copy of JoAnn Hoffman's "angel wings" baby wholecloth pattern they could part with?
  2. I do have it on hold through the weekend for someone that is trying to make travel arrangements to see it. I will get back to you if her plans fall through.
  3. Yes, this machine is available. This is a really great deal! Set up and ready to see for yourself.
  4. I have the old frame for the Millenium (2003) what is the correct measurement between front and back of table?
  5. 2003 APQS Millennium $7750 -Features 14' table with motorized feed -Upgraded m&m wheels -Modified light behind needle bar (customized for me by request to aid in optimum visibility during intricate work. All APQS machines have since been changed to this betterment) -Automatic Stitch Regulator -Bobbin Thread Cutter -Dual Electric Channel Lock for Both Directions -Built In Laser Pointer with upper and lower mounts -On-Board Bobbin Winder -Variable Needle Speed -base attachment for ruler work -updated foot to accommodate rulers -low profile side clamps -tray table that fits bet
  6. You may need to register on Etsy 1st (very easy and fast) then use the link Bonnie has to get to the voting forum. Sorry.... not trying to be a pain.
  7. THANK YOU! I need a lot of votes to catch up to the #1 spot, but I am tied for 3rd.
  8. God's peace to you at such a difficult time.
  9. I just found out that a quilt of mine has been nominated as a favorite High-end item by ETSY.com. It's been in the lead off and on…. I need votes. Very cool. It is my Fleur de Lis quilt. http://www.etsy.com/storque/etc/vote-high-end-holiday-6273/ click on "go vote"
  10. Is there a way to view the french forum in English??
  11. Yes, I have a room!!!! Pays to be persistant in calling the hotel.
  12. If anyone is cancelling their room at the Quality Inn could you contact me? I need it from 10/28-10/31 I should have checked on this BEFORE registering for classes. Looking forward to attending!
  13. Definately a featherlite fan here. I like the fact that they are wide enough to disperse the fabric evenly and they don't get in the way of the machine head. However, don't forget to unclamp them before advancing the quilt as they break easily!
  14. I remember when "anywears" were the HOT shoe. Darn things ruined my foot- custom orthotics and 3 cortisone shots later I've figured out that a good pair of athletic shoes are best for me.
  15. Just curious as to what you Millennium owners prefer as your base extender of choice? Price,simplicity, etc.....
  16. FYI...... if this happens to any of you I needed to use a combination of Grandma's spot remover in the small bottle AND Grandma's soap bar stain remover. There is a slight shadow remaining of the marks, but not bad.
  17. Yes, where do you get the "sew clean"? Also, yes, aluminum oxide, but couldn't come up with the correct term in the time of trial. LOL. FYI... "tide to go" is not working on it.
  18. After almost 10 years of doing this, I managed to get a quilt top stuck in my wheels. I now have black marks needing safe removal. What is my best option??? Thanks so much.
  19. i would prefer to not have signitures on my blocks as well. I like documentation of piecers on my quilt label. Just thought I would share my opinion as well.
  20. Can anyone recommend a particular piecing method for this block?
  21. YES!!!! I finished this big thing. Nothing fancy, but I posted it on my webshots site. It is on the last page of my "thimbleberries" album.
  22. I would suggest the same as jessica for the spools. In the button jar, I would fill it up with circle stitching ( pebbles), then sew the buttons on after quilting. You may want to print letters off your computer to spell out "singer" or another sewing machine brand, mark them onto the sewing machine and do faux-trapunto to make them pop out. If you add a small section of puffy batting under that area and then do dense stiching around they will "pop" without cutting the batting around each individual letter. This quilt looks like fun- wish I could trade you for this PITA Thimbleberries C
  23. I have been doing so many Thimbleberries quilts that they are all starting to look the same... the sad part is that my quilting on them is starting to look the same. I can appreciate being told that I have my own style, but if this is "my style"- I am getting bored with it. My toughest part of these quilts is when a customer wants really custom ( bordering heirloom) work on these, the fabrics are so busy that the detailed quilting really has to compete with the fabrics to show. This 2008 club quilt is a huge quilt with a ton of these busy print borders/sections. If any of you h
  24. Hello Strangers! For the past 2 years my daughter and I ( along with another friends mother for a few) have been diligently working to complete graduation quilts for her friends. Between us, we have completed a total of 18 quilts. Last night we had a reception for 14 of the recipients. However, 2 were unable to make it. ( photos posted on my Webshots site- link below) We tried to capture the personality\'s of each kid through our choices of fabrics, patterns and designs- I think we did an awesome job. The kids were totally surprised by these and they had to guess which one
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