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  1. Sold! For sale assorted Super Bobs L size, as listed below. Any reasonable offer accepted, they have been kept in a cabinet non-smoker. There are some partial bobbins but I did not count those. Cream #620- 53 bobbins Statue#652-12 Red #603-9 Lime Green#644-10 Sage#613-9 Gold#602-7 Dark Brown#618-19 Gray#622-5 Tan#619-10 Lite Blue#610- 12 Black#625-12 Med Brown#618-13
  2. Sold! 31 Pantograph's for sale, $200. Not selling individually. Great starter set! Shipping not included. Here is the complete listing: Bayside-Hermoine Agee Bear, Moose, Pines-Deb Geissler Bush Berries-Hermoine Agee Clematis-Jodi Beamish Cloisonne-Patricia Ritter & Valerie Smith Continuous Baptist Fans-Hermoine Agee Curlz-Patricia Ritter Dazzle-Hermoine Agee Drip-Beany Girl Quilts Double Plume-Keryn Emmerson Ebb & Flow-Hermoine Agee Fantasy Flame-Jessica Schick Feathered Curls-Irene Steele Felicity-Patricia Ritter & Valerie Smith Flitter- Patricia Ritter & Valerie Smith Flurry-Lisa Thiessen Happy Times-Hermoine Agee Jeffery's Star-Denise Schillinger Jessie's Swirls-Jessica Schick Kindling-Patricia Ritter & Leisha Farnsworth Leaf & Scroll-Keryn Emmerson Nouveau Feathers-Hermoine Agee Paisley Playtime-Hermoine Agee Prickle Patch-Hermoine Agee Starlight-Hermoine Agee Swinging On A Star-Jessica Schick Tickle-Beany Girl Quilts Timber-Melonie Caldwell Whirlwind-Patricia Ritter Whirley Gig Sm-Jodi Beamish Frisky Feathers-Hermoine Agee
  3. Sold! Quilters Groove Proline #2 and #4 rulers both for $34 plus shipping. Not selling individually.
  4. Sold! Triple Play Rulers Sm and Large both for $26 plus shipping. Not selling individually.
  5. Still for sale, reducing to $25. Deloa's Rope a Dope 2" and 3" both for $30 plus shipping. Not selling individually.
  6. These have been sold! Gentle used Deloa's Boomerang rulers and Appliguide. 6", 12", 15", 20" Boomerang and the Appliguide $65 plus shipping. Not selling individually.
  7. Thank you Linda! Filtec recomends using Magna Quilt or Clear Quilt bobbins, with Essence. Have you used these or something else?
  8. I would like to purchase some invisable thread. Does anyone have a favorite??? And did you change out your needle size??? Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes I am, and it has been great source of information and help!
  10. Deloa Jones has an excellent book on feathers! No DVD with the book, but she does have some video's to watch.
  11. We are up and connected!!! Thanks to David Adams for being so patient, he help me check all my connections and the last thing we did was reinstall the drivers and we are good to go!! Thank you all for your help, and thank you Barb Mayfield for the FB Group invite, alot of great info there! I'll let you know how I make out with rest!
  12. Yes the red light is on, we have checked all the connections three times. I know the message means that Quilt Path and the carriage are not talking, but we don't know what else to check! Thank you Barb for your help, I was hoping for some one who has experience with Quilt Path, to chime in! I will email you and also send you a friend request.
  13. All of the cables are connected we just checked everything! Still getting the same message! Ugh!
  14. Quilt Path arrived late last night, I must have been the last delivery for the UPS driver!!! Anyway we installed it this afternoon and I thought we did everything right. But I keep getting the same error message, I have attached a picture of the message, not sure what to do! Has anyone experienced this??? APQS is now closed for the weekend and I can't get a hold of anyone until Tuesday.
  15. Spoke with my rep Gretchen, just waiting for APQS to call to finalize the details! I will let you know how things go!
  16. Oh no, I am so sorry. Thank you Heidi for letting us know. I will be praying for her family, so sad.
  17. Thank you all for the input! I guess I will take the leap and call my APQS rep, since I am going with Quilt Path.
  18. Hi, For those of you who decided to go computerized, were you nervous about the purchase??? And were you happy once you had it??? I am about to order my system and I am a bit nervous! Thanks!
  19. June, I sent you a PM. Virginia I would like to sell it as a package for now. Ann, I did use on my Freedom which as a bigger throat space then my Lenni had.
  20. I did not take section 179 on advice of my accountant, also my boss! Everyone's situation is different,do what is best for you. As far as the depr schedule goes, it is part of your tax information and your accountant keeps track of that info, there really isn't anything for you to do, unless you are doing your own taxes.
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