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  1. I am getting the Pfaff Grandquilter 18.8, the Imperial 10 foot frame and the Q bot computerized system for $6,500.00. It is a demo and I get the full warranty on all of it. If I would buy all of this at full price it would cost me $ 13,000.00. The wheels roll on the frame in the front are in a V and the back is straight up and down. The side wheels are in a V. If anybody knows of where I can get a APQS for $6,500.00 please let me know.
  2. The Pfaff Grand Quilter 18.8 is a long arm machine and comes with its own frame. The throat space is 18 inches. I will check out the APQS used machines but I do not think I can afford them.
  3. I agree with everyone above about the address and photo of a quilt. I get my business cards printed at www.gotprint.com, you design your own card the way you want it, I think you can upload a photo. I have information on both sides of my card and I pay like $50.00 to $ 60.00 for 5,000 cards. I usually get the cards in about 7 days.
  4. I am thinking of buying a Pfaff GrandQuilter 18.8 with the Qbot on it. Can anyone give me any information or feedback on the Pfaff GrandQuilter 18.8 and the Qbot computerized version. Thanks, D
  5. Ladies to just let you know, I have oiled the machine, cleaned it. I took the machine off the frame and put it on the table top. I put my walking foot on the machine and got the tension set just perfect. I also got a size 16 needle and put it back on the frame and attached the sure stitch regulator. I can not set the stitch length and it pulled the bobbin thread to the top on some of the stitches and then it pulled the top thread to the bottom on the other stitches. It also did some of the stitches little and then big. I appreciate all the input from everyone but I have decided to just quilt with it on the table top version using my walking foot and using the stitch in the ditch. Thanks D
  6. I have an embroidery business and do some quilting also. I used to use Propay when I started out, but I exceeded the monthly limit. I now use Merchant Services through Sam's Club. If you are a Sam's Club member you get a better rate and I think there is no monthly fee, if there is one it is minimal. Also my credit card machine works off a cell phone, so I can take my credit card machine anywhere and do not have to have a phone line. All of my credit card transactions approved on site, with the protection that you need now days from the identity theft I would not recommend taking them manually. I only take Visa, MC and Discover because there fees are very reasonable. I do not take American Express because there fee rate is 6% and they charge you a monthly fee for a statement even when you do not take any sales during the month. D
  7. I have a brother PQ1500S, it is on a grace mini pinni frame with a sure stitch regulator attached. I have adjusted the tension top and bobbin. I can run it at the lowest speed and the fastest speed. It will stitch a few stitches without the bobbin thread coming to the top, then it will stitch bringing the bobbin thread to the top. It does not keep the stitches at the same length either. I am new at quilting but this is getting very discouraging and riduculous. Thanks, D
  8. I am thinking of purchasing a used Ultimate I quilting machine, can anyone tell me how old this machine might be? Also, how do I find out if this machine has a stitch regulator and speed control on it? I went on APQS page and could not find any information on it. Does anyone know if you can still get parts for it or if it can be upgraded with any new options? Thanks, D