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  1. I love your colors! I have only half the blocks put together - hoping to start sewing rows together this weekend on retreat.
  2. I finished Clue #1 last night. This is my 3rd Bonnie mystery and I'm sticking with her colors (as I did in the first 2) so I don't have to think about what might work or not. Since this one is easier than the last one, maybe I can finish by Spring - took me almost a year for Orca Bay!!
  3. Hi Sabrina - I had a Pfaff Grand Quilter which as Bonnie said is basically the same. I sold it on Ebay. If you do, talk to a UPS shipper, about shipping costs before listing it. I should have charged more for the shipping because of the rails. Good luck!
  4. I'm going - YEAH! will get there Sunday - classes all week. hope to meet some of you gals there.
  5. Hi Myrna - I'm taking Hot Curves Ahead from you on Friday. can't wait
  6. Oops - picture was too large?? don't know how to fix that
  7. I'm looking forward to my first MQS show! Katydids - We're driving from Nashville, I-24 through Paducah, and 57 and 64 to St. Louis, then across to KC. We've made this drive before in a day, but no big stops. It probably is not much longer from Memphis.
  8. Wow, your quilting is beautiful! You should be proud - I've done 20 or so and I am WAY behind you. Do you give lessons?? Love your Orca Bay colors also. Teresa
  9. Yes, thanks Shana. Some of these sites were new to me - really enjoyed Brackman's blog.
  10. Barbara Brackman has some really good information on her website as well as clues for dating quilts. I too like Baptist Fan but according to her, that style indicates post 1880. I made 2 quilts recently for my husband's reenacting so they had to be historically accurate, although the one for 1760 did require me to stretch history a bit. Both are quilted using crosshatching with the lines maybe 3 inches apart or so - simple utilitarian quilting. If the quilt is not going to be juried for a historical event, I think making it more beautiful by stretching the time period is a good idea.
  11. Bonnie - our son lives about 10 miles north of Chattanooga overlooking the North Chickamauga gorge. They both work in downtown Chatt. There are many areas around the city where 2-3 acres are possible. Is there a particular area where you are looking? Do you want to be on the south side toward Atlanta or the North side near Knoxville or Nashville? I can tell you there is a great quilt shop on the south side in Georgia! Sew Bee It - I think is the name. sorry to be so vague - but maybe someone else will be more help. Good luck - Teresa
  12. I live in Nashville, but we have children/grandchildren in Chattanooga if that helps. What do you want to know? Teresa
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