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  1. Does anyone know of someone in the Sacramento area who has IQ or CQ so I can see one in action? TIA,
  2. The Bliss requires a $75 change to the Hartley Fence. Or at least it did with my Millie.
  3. I've been reading the Line Dancing book and you are absolutely right! I can see how this will be a great help. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Marcia
  4. Yes, I have the booklet on it. Good idea! Thank you! Marcia
  5. No, I haven't figured out how yet. It's on my frame right now. I probably should try. Any tips? Thanks. Marcia Later: Okay, I have a photo in an email. How do I get it from there to this forum?
  6. I have my first customer quilt with a large piano key border all around the quilt measuring 2 inches by 10 inches. The quilt is about 85 x 108 inches in size. The "theme" of the quilt is nature, bears, trees, etc. and the colors are browns and greens. There are a total of 4 borders but this outside border has me stumped. Any suggestions for what I can quilt in the piano keys? TIA Marcia
  7. Have taken 3 classes from Karen at Houston Int'l. She is very good, down to earth and well worth the investment of time. Marcia
  8. Sorry Nancy -- I had a typo in my addy. It's catsgalore. . . (I have 6 - down from 8 earlier this year who passed away of old age). Marcia
  9. Nancy, I'd love to know more about the Schmetz needles for the APQS also. I took a week's course from Diane Gaudynski and would love to use the silk thread on my Millie. Please email me: catsgaloe@comcast.net. Thank you. Marcia
  10. Your customer was at least consistently "off" - it almost looks like she intended it that way, doesn't it? You did wonders and I agree with the others, bless you for leaving her her dignity. I have a dear friend who is not too far off and I've "saved" a few of hers as well. Then she puts the binding on and it's also a mess, but she's still proud of each and every one. That's what matters. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I could use all of the above if you ever come to No. California. My thread cutter won't stop (even when I turn off and on the Millie), the stitch length/speed doesn't hold and the thread is too short to pull through to the top when I do successfully cut with the thread cutter. I have to remove the bobbin and pull on the tail to make it long enough. Marcia
  12. I'm having 3 problems with my new Millie: When I use the thread cutter, the tail is so short that I cannot bring up the thread to start anew unless I remove the bobbin, pull out the tail and reinsert. Second, about fifty percent of the time, the thread cutter does not shut off. the blade keeps going and going and going - like the Eveready battery. Only by turning the off switch off a couple times does the blade stop. thirdly, my setting for the stitch length/speed does not hold worth beans. I constantly have to move it up again to 10-11 stitches as it will drop down as far as zero on it
  13. Could someone explain to this newbie what designs cc and tt are? Thanks.
  14. Yes, I did remove the spring and yes, I put it in magnet-part first. Still, a poor tension. Any other ideas?
  15. I bought a bunch of the Magnaglides and they're terrible on my Millie. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I don't have any trouble with the Bottom Line winding my own or the other pre-wounds. Any suggestions from anyone what I'm doing wrong? (Yes, I did remove the backlash spring).
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