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  1. Unfortunately Janette - as I said in my email to you - there just won't be time. Mark is making a special whistle-stop stopover on his way to Claudia in Germany. Arrives in London midday on 19th Jan, 5 hour drive to Devon, Maintenance class on Monday, back up to London on Tuesday then early flight to Germany on Wednesday. Alan of Artisan (member of LAUK) is happy to service any make of longarm machine in UK. There have been very good feedback reports about his work if that's helpful. Email me if you're still having vibration probs with your Lucey - Ani
  2. Janette - a couple of suggestions ..... 1) Have you checked whether the table is still level? 2) have any of the little cushion pads moved ? (the ones which go on top of the tubes underneath the plastic top) 3) try cushioning the tubes with a piece of batting Email me if you need to - Ani
  3. Just a heads up that Mark Caraher is visiting UK shortly and will be running a FREE maintenance class for APQS owners and wanna-be owners. The class will be at my shop in south Devon England on Monday 20th January 2014, from 10am. If you would like to book a place or want more details and a list of local bed and breakfast places - please email me on Thanks - Ani Catt Crazy Catt Quilt Shop, Kingsbridge, South Devon England
  4. Great! A bit far for me though .... hehe BUT ....... I am in the process of setting up in UK, so keep your fingers crossed that all goes well ) Very BEST of luck with your new adventure - Ani
  5. Yes - the wishlist is great. You can spend a lot of time *shopping* without actually spending a bean! hehe I leave my dies on the wishlist too, even once I've bought them - I just change the little note on there. Saves me trying to order the same one twice Enjoy - Ani
  6. Julie - I'm in UK and have the Studio cutter. No one stocks the Studio dies over here so I buy direct from accuquilt in USA. They give a quote on the www order page for shipping with choices so you know how much it will be. It does work out far more expensive but - worth it imho. Only thing they can't work out is the import duty Wish the Quilt Fairy could wave those out the window ....... The Studio is a great cutter - love mine. I confess - piecing is not my first love, its only really a means to get to the quilting! Having the cutter has changed the way I work and gets me there faster I have built up a wishlist, then grab the various dies I want when they go on sale. The wishlist function is great as the prices change to red when they're the sale prices - Ani
  7. Janette - you can use the machine and carriage as a level. Bliss is so light that if its out slightly - the machine will travel. - Ani
  8. Cynthia - I have sent you a private msg with my email addy etc - Ani
  9. Laura - you will be more than welcome to come over! We have a lot of stuff planned ...... x2 longarm machines will be set up for demo's and classes and for students to play ........ er - I mean - use ....... textile talks each evening ........... fabric for sale ........ all meals included (lovely food too!) ........ tea/coffee/cakes available all day ......... very comfortable accommodation .............. and beautiful english countryside all round ...... and to make things easier for our overseas visitors there will be a limited number of domestic sewing machines too. Email me if you would like to see the full program - Ani
  10. Good news - Linzi, Kay and I are organising a UK Quilting Retreat from 15 - 19th September 2014. It is being held near Grasmere in the Lake District, which is a really beautiful part of north west UK and an excellent part of any UK vacation .............. We will be staying at Rydal Hall, which is a fabulous old country house set in beautiful gardens. You will check in from 4pm on Monday 15th, bring your own projects and stitch your heart out through to Friday lunchtime. All meals and accommodation are included, as well as a full program of longarm demo's and evening textile talks. Non-sewing partners are also welcome and can enjoy the gorgeous countryside nearby or just chill and relax in comfort at Rydal Hall. If you are interested - please contact Ani Catt on for more information and a booking form. If you are travelling from overseas we hope to have a limited number of UK domestic sewing machines available to make it easier for you! Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you - Ani
  11. Angela - The gearing in the Studio is much more robust than the Go and makes it super easy peasy to cut multiple layers with very little effort. If you've tried the Go - don't compare it to how the Studio works, you need to use one to realise how great the difference is. You can have custom dies made for the studio (not for the Go) - I've had several done and its very easy. Price is similar to the regular dies. Much more variety in sizes with the Studio and I like that you get one size per die - eg - circle - the Go die has x3 sizes of circles (2", 3" and 5") on the same die so you have to fiddle if you only want one of those, but the Studio dies are separate, so if you only want 3" circles - you just buy that die. I bought both the Go and the Studio cutters, but quickly sold the Go, and they brought out the adapter tray so I can cut all the Go dies on the big cutter anyway Watch Accuquilt for their Daily Deals - there are some great deals with that. You can set up a wishlist, so when those particular ones come on sale - the price will change to red and you can jump in with an order
  12. Looks lovely On the zigzag part - did you SID or is it the close finish with the feathers making it pop? - Ani
  13. Hi Kathy I have hydraulics and wouldn't want to be without them. I use my table for many things, not just with the longarm - things like pressing / pinning / layout for piecing / packing up quilts for shipping / drawing ........ you name it, anything that needs a big surface goes on there! I put the table at the max height for all this other stuff, then lower it when I'm quilting. I also quilt with it at different heights if I'm working from the back or front of the machine, and take it back up to max height when I have to un-pick anything. So - for me - hydraulics are a MUST-have ........ While we're talking about additions etc - one thing I could really have done without is the bobbin thread cutter ! Never use the thing. If anyone feels this is actually something else they would never be without - I'd love to hear about what I'm missing doing I can't take it off either, because I have the hartley expander base which fits round it. Maybe this should be an optional extra with the millie instead of standard? - Ani
  14. I have bliss on my millie and it's certainly a question of what you're used to. I put IQ on it last year and just that slight change made a difference to how it felt, to me anyway. I had to re-teach muscle memories to work it in manual mode It felt like there was a slight overshoot because of the extra weight, which I had to compensate for. I have sold my IQ and am waiting for QP to arrive. I love the smooth lightness of the Bliss and definitely noticed the difference again when the IQ and all the framework and motors came off. I'm SO hoping that because QP is belt driven it will make little difference to the way the millie handles - as I understand it, almost all the extra weight should be down on the table and cross-carriage, not up with the machine Watch this space .......... - Ani