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  1. Hi Cagey....I sent you a PM. Please reply to my personal email for more info. Thanks! Hi Dianna....I sent you an email with more info. Thanks for your interest! Sherri
  2. All of the listed items are still available. I've edited the post to remove all of the "sold" items. Please let me know if you have any questions about the items listed. Thanks for your interest!
  3. Hi Judith Yes I am getting out of longarm quilting. I started in 1999 - wow, 15 years ago - time sure flies! I have had a couple different machines, quilted for clients, taken a ton of MQ classes, taught MQ classes and quilted 100's...well, actually 1000's of quilts. And I've really loved it....but it feels like it's time for me to try some other things. Still sewing related - like machine embroidery and quilting on my domestic machine. So I'm selling my longarm machine (listed on this forum) and slowly going through my studio and pulling out things to sell that other machine quilters might be able to use. This listing was just the beginning. There will be more to come - like acrylic templates, stencils, threads.....amazing (read "crazy") what one person can acquire over the years!
  4. All items are in like-new condition, no marks - except as noted*. All items listed are still available - I've edited the post to remove items as they have sold. Shipping within Lower 48 states is included in price! (extra will need to be added to cover postage for all other locations) By Lisa Calle: Feathers of a New Generation, Book - $12 Feathers of a New Generation, DVD (unopened) - $18 By Irena Bluhm: Bluhming Background Designs 2 - $20 Start with a Blank Slate with DVD (unopened) - $20 By Mary Nordeng: Freehand Freedom - $12 Extreme MakeOver, Feather Edition - $12 LongArm Machine Quilting, Choosing/Using/Maintaining Longarm machine – Carol A Thelen - $12 From Anne Bright’s “Simply Continuous” Series: Flora and Fauna - $15 Americana - $15 Holiday Fun - $15 Continuous Quilting - $15 More Continuous Quilting - $15 Companions - $24 *most of these books have an ID sticker on the front cover, some small scuffs but otherwise in very good condition. Golden Threads, Elements Stencil Pattern Packs by Joanie Z. Poole Each packet has a different stencil and several designs included. Hope Grace Claire Danielle Amy (All packets are new and unopened) - $8 each Please reply here or directly to: sherri.dolly @ outlook.com (no spaces) Thanks!
  5. Hi - per your request, I sent a few pictures to your email address. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information. Thanks for your interest!
  6. **SOLD**2004 Millennium For Sale Stitch regulated, Needle up/down, horizontal and vertical channel locks, bobbin thread cutter, motorized fabric advance, front and back laser light, complete installation manual and maintenance video 12’ Table This machine has found its new home!
  7. Both items have sold. And I don't know how to delete the ad. Thank you!
  8. CJ, that quilt is absolutely adorable! Please be sure to post a pic after it's quilted.
  9. That sounds fun, Shana! We went up for a couple of weeks last August, but this year my son is getting married here, so the kiddos (and their parents) are coming down! I think it'll be my turn to go back up next year. I'll be sure to let you know - it'd be great to meet up with you if we could work it out! The glacier in the pic is Holgate in the Kenai Fjords. It was calving like crazy that day - we were able to get some fantastic pictures.
  10. I remember meeting Ted Stevens when my mom dragged me to a "coffee" when he came to our neighbor's house one afternoon to talk to a group of ladies from the area where I grew up (Spenard)....very early in his political career. It was late '60s and I was probably about 11 or 12 and wanting to be just about anywhere besides all dressed up with a bunch of moms talking politics. I can also hear my mom saying, "now be still and listen - someday you'll remember this and be glad you went." Uncle Ted, as he was called, was a great friend to Alaska and will be remembered fondly by many. I agree with pretty much everything you all have said about Alaska....except I've never gotten to SE AK...yet - but I bet I would love it there, too. I, well, along with my parents, moved up in 1960 and then moved Outside with my husband and 3 kids 28 years later. Many good times, close calls and great adventures. It'll always be home. My daughter, her husband and my three (soon to be 4) grandbabies now live in Wasilla, so I have a built in excuse to go back often.
  11. Don't know where I've been the last few days - hiding out in my basement studio because it's too hot to be anyplace else......but I just heard about the flooding this morning while watching the news. Wow, you've been hit hard these last few days! Take good care, stay safe and know there's a lot of us keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!
  12. I think they are probably getting a better value for their $$ in Wichita at the Century II Convention Center. The airport is really close to the convention center. Free airport shuttle to the hotel. Parking at the host hotel is free to guests. I was just in Wichita in June to attend a quilt show - the Wichita guild is huge(!) and has their quilt show every other year at that convention center - the facility is a nice one and should serve MQS nicely. I'm not on the "inside" or anything, but I think the Overland Park Convention Center was no longer meeting the expectations of the event coordinators - over the years there were less and less services for the same (or maybe even more) money.
  13. I'm another vote for the Bernina 240. It's feet are interchangeable with her 430. It is much lighter and has a padded carry handle. Also, the 240 has the free hand system (knee llift) and better lighting at the needle than the 220 or 230. AND, here's a plus.....because Bernina has just introduced the new 300 series machines, the 200 series are on closeout sale at many Bernina dealers right now. My dealer told me the 300 series are essentially the same as the 200 series, but updated look on the outside with a few new stitches. I already have an old Bernina 160 and the new 830....but I wanted a lighter weight machine for classes and workshops. I just came home with a new 240 and love it. GeoTech, good luck on your quest to find a machine for your wife! So sweet of you to do this for her!
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