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  1. I have a set of new leaders available for a 14' table. $30 OBO. Thanks,
  2. I am selling my circle lord system, which has had very light use. I am just a freehand girl. Over $1600 of inventory priced at $800. Buyer pays shipping from Northeast WA State. Circle Lord Basic Up Front System Large Featherz Micro Featherz Mini Aztec Curved Cross Hatch Large 18" Cross Hatch Stella Heartz Starz Ovals Aztec Added - I also have the Celtic and Spiral boards, along with squircles and some other smaller attachments.
  3. And, am cleaning out my sewing room so would make you a good deal;0
  4. I have a Circle Lord with quite a few templates, plus upfront set up that I would consider selling. Have used it once since I bought it.
  5. Shannon, I have the same issues with workable 'reach' over the bars. I just recenty installed the hydraulic lift and that has helped immensely. I would still like to get closer to my work, but this has been a good compromise. Kathy Conway
  6. Hi, Cheri If you do decide to sell, and your first offer does not go through, I would like to buy it for my daughter in law. I have been looking for one for her for awhile and it is time to buy one as hers died yesterday, in the middle of her project. You can email me at bluecedarz@gmail.com Take it one day at a time, that's all we can do. Kathy
  7. I agree with Shar, I, too have had mine less than a month, and have already done two quilts with it. I am so much faster using it on the pantos and more accurate. I set mine up as she describes, and have no problem getting the design in and lining it up. Very easy to set up, I would recommend it to anyone who does a lot of work from the back of the machine and would like to get to the front:)
  8. I see alot of quiilters talking about doing their own quilting, but once they try it they usually appreciate the longarm quilter more;) I have a lady in my quild who was going to quilt her own - and she just gave me three after she threw her hands up trying to quilt them. I think this will be the case with many, plus, many quilters really enjoy making the tops and find out they do not like the quilting part much. I think there is hope for us still:)
  9. I have both the business application and an Iphone. Would be happy to test.
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