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  1. I have a set of new leaders available for a 14' table. $30 OBO. Thanks,
  2. I am selling my circle lord system, which has had very light use. I am just a freehand girl. Over $1600 of inventory priced at $800. Buyer pays shipping from Northeast WA State. Circle Lord Basic Up Front System Large Featherz Micro Featherz Mini Aztec Curved Cross Hatch Large 18" Cross Hatch Stella Heartz Starz Ovals Aztec Added - I also have the Celtic and Spiral boards, along with squircles and some other smaller attachments.
  3. And, am cleaning out my sewing room so would make you a good deal;0
  4. I have a Circle Lord with quite a few templates, plus upfront set up that I would consider selling. Have used it once since I bought it.
  5. It's very pretty and she will love it! The colors are perfect and the circle board design in the quilting is just right!
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