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  1. As Linda said it does have the locks. By the way it would make a wonderful Christmas gift! Katie
  2. Just wanted to put this back on top. I think it is competitively priced but I am not having much luck if any of you can suggest something to help get this great machine to a new home please let me know. I have one addition I will deliver this machine and set it up with in 300 miles.
  3. Kathall I was out of town so I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. Can you send me an email to bwiskus@msn.com I can get you my phone number.
  4. Darlene I am located just south of Minneapolis Minnesota. Let me know we can work something out on shipping
  5. I dropped the price to $9000 please help me find my Milli a good home!
  6. I edited my post and added some more information. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks
  7. The family is anxious to get the bedroom back so I am dropping the price to $9000. This is a great lightly used machine and if the buyer is local I will be happy to give lessons. Drop me a line if you are interested bwiskus@msn.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a lightly used 2004 Milli. This was a personal use machine not a business. I hit post last night on this but did not do a good deal on the description. I am selling my long arm after much consternation and deliberation. It seems my quilting room would be put to bette