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  1. Going to rethread top and bobbin and retest
  2. Yes clean it with each bobbin change. But these eyelashes are on curves on top.
  3. Today I wish I drank, it would not help my tension issues (thread and body) but I might not care as much. Earlier this month I did a quilt with Signature which I may never do again. I have a separate bobbin for it but had to play with the top tension too much and the tension was never good. Then, did a quilt with King Tut, better. Then, two with my favorite So Fine. Started a quilt last night with So Fine and tension issues. Fine for awhile, then an inch or so of railroad tracks then fine. I usually don't see the tracks until I roll. I test and test, think it is ok and find it isn't. Today I had a new issue with the thread coming out of the check spring. This made me think I adjusted the top tension to loose. Now I am trying to adjust it back to where I thought the top tension should be and adjust the bobbin tension. The stitching looked good but then I got eyelashes on top. That drink is looking better all the time. Meanwhile, I have a quilt half done and waiting. I am using a Circle Lord Swirls template and will not be able to align the pattern to correct the inches here and there that are too off. Any ideas why it keeps going off during a row of sewing? Also, I have a "M" size bobbin. At Sew Expo I saw Superior Threads had a Towa gauge but only for a L bobbin. Does it come size for M?
  4. Fantastic. Way beyond my imagination or abilities. What an inspiration! Will have to show my Juki owner friends.
  5. I am trying to use a sample spool of Glide with the prewound Magna Glide. Batting is warm and Natural. I loosened the bobbin case and then tried again after loosening the top thread. It looks fine but feels like the batting is being poofed (sorry I have a hard time describing this). The stitching I have done is with the Stonehenge wide width, W&N batting and a piece of cut off backing. After loosening the bobbin casing the thread came off just like I saw on the Jamie Whalen video. But should it be loosened more? I would appreciate any advise.
  6. What size Milky Way do you have? I am getting ready to order some new boards and was wondering about the sizes. I will use it for QOV and others. Has anyone gotten a board that they would not recommend for any reason? Or something they would recommend over others. I have the Double Baptist Fan - not one I will use a lot but love it on the right quilt Swirls - love it! Cosmos - great design
  7. While my backs are not twisting, I have had the same problem on 2 of the last three quilts I have done. The top right quadrant gets puckers in almost the same place. Like an idiot I have been checking the backing as I roll but looking more in the center and for tension. Plus the two with problems have been dark purple and black print, making the puckers harder to see. On the first one, purple backing, I did try putting a pad onto the backing by the take up roller as it felt a bit loose. But, I didn't have any problem like that on tonight's black quilt. Any ideas what to look for so that this doesn't happen again? I did baste the quilt along the sides and top and it felt/looked square rolling it up. Tomorrow night will not be any fun as I pull out my stitching from my Swirls giant template. Then, reload and line the boards and quilt in the same position. Fingers crossed it works for me. Every time I start taking in quilts and think it is time to start a business for all over quilting, something happens to make me redoubt myself. My Millie is about 13 months old and I have done about 40 quilts this last year, and only 3 puckers. Now it is time to learn to stop them before they happen.
  8. jlrhash

    jodi's quilt

    beautiful. How long have you been quilting? Love the designs you used.
  9. I watched the video and adjusted my bobbin case by a nudge and the top tension. Finished the quilt unless we decide to remove more rows of spotty tension loops. Thanks for the info.
  10. I am having problems with the tension on the backside of a quilt. Last night I started removing a row of stitching as it was too badly sewn (so loose that most is coming off easily). Loops showing on the back. I re threaded Millie and there was improvement but I will get occasional loose stitches on top which usually means the back is off. When I get done removing the stitching, I will check for any built up lint, I can rethread from the cone, though I did this, added an extra wrap on the bar (not sure of terminology), double check the thread is seated in the tension discs completely. But I have done that and it still is not correct. This problem seems to happen with the Signature thread more than the So Fine. Any other ideas are appreciated. This is a quilt for a customer and there are already issues from poor sewing, floppy borders, loose tension (I see a theme with this quilt). Someone gave her this Amish With a Twist II kit, her sister a fellow guild member is paying for the quilting and both have agreed that I should do my best as this was her first quilt and she would learn from it. But we did not expect my thread problems. I am doing a Baptist Fan from Circle Lords and have tried to keep it slower incase that was adding to the problems.
  11. I quilted a UFO from about 2001 using my new Double Baptist Fans. Thanks for everyone's help and posts, love my boards and cannot wait to try the other two I got: Swirls and Cosmos.
  12. Linda, what is SID? I am still very new and am just getting ready to start up as a business. It will be a while before I will do custom quilting. Jan
  13. Thank you, I was wondering about that and whether it would raise the boards too high. Another new thought this evening. How do you store your boards? Should they be kept flat?
  14. I just received my first three giant templates and have a question re the set up use. My paperwork is downstairs so do not remember what type it said to use, a product to keep it from moving around on the table. What type has everyone used? Two sheets said something from Wal-Mart and another listed a different product. What should I look for and what should I avoid? I do have a Wal-Mart across town but dread going to it. I am off tomorrow and hope to get the stylus mounted and I have a UFO from maybe 2001 that I put borders on for my first test of the Baptist Fans. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Jan
  15. Thanks. I am going to try to quilt it and wash after binding. I started thinking if I only stay stitched the edges and only used a 1/4" seam allowance, would there be a problem with the seams fraying too much. Better to quilt and then see how it goes. The flannel feels good, not as nice as Maywood Studios who makes the softest plush flannels, but a good feel. Fingers crossed.