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  1. Yes, I do have a Micro drive handles for a Millie; Freedom and/or Ultimate 1. Hartley base expander's are sold out.
  2. I am offering all APQS parts on my website at 25% off until stock depleted. Not listed on the website are the following: Hartley Micro Drive $210.00; "M" bobbin case $60.00 and "M" aluminum bobin $3.20. All prices are in Canadian $'s and shipping from Canada. Website: http://quilted-cats-hideaway.com/ Thanks,
  3. Just a quick notice. All APQS in stock parts on my website are clearing out at 25% off. Prices are in Canadian dollars and will be shipped from Canada. Website: www.quiltedcatshideaway.com. No back orders, just on existing stock. Phone numbers and email are on website. Thanks, Linda Lang
  4. Hi Linda, I have a friend who has a Hartley Fence; circle maker; stencil adapter; 5 stencil sets; DVD and work book. All this is $1100 new, she is asking $500.00 obo. You can email me direct if you are interested.
  5. I have gone over this post and realized everyone thought I quilted the cover of December 2013 American Patchwork & Quilting. I did not quilt this quilt, the longarm quilter who did this quilt was not noted in the magazine, she/he did a fabulous job. However, the quilt I quilted is in the American Patchwork & Quilting, 2013 calendar, month of December. I don't believe you can see this quilt unles you have the calendar - which I have and enjoy. If you want to see the pattern (of the calendar quilt) it is at www.coachhousedesigns.com under the name "Christmas in Paris" (the bor
  6. Hi Linda, the quilt is called "Deck the Halls" in American Patchwork & Quilting calendar, 2013 for December. The pattern is on Barb's website www.coachhousedesigns.com. She named it "Christmas in Paris" and has changed the border pattern.
  7. I have waited for December 2013 American Patchwork & Quilting calendar. I quilted the December quilt designed by Barb Cherniwchan of Coach House Designs. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/apqmagazine. After this quilt was completed (and several others) I suggest Barb purchase her own longarm. She is now the owner of a Lucey and completes all her own quilts for market. It was a privilege to quilt for Barb and I especially like this quilt. The colours are warm and rich. Thanks for looking Linda
  8. Hi Claire: I have both Bliss and lift. I always check to see that the cabinets will not mess up my lift system before I engage it. Sometimes the cabinets get pushed back. Took me a while to find them: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/categories/departments/workspaces/10711/ I use the 6 drawer "Alex" unit under my tables and the tall Alex for bobbins and notions with the turbo winder on top. Just love the convenience of these units. If you check out my blog you can see them peeking out behind some of the quilt pictures. One cabinet is full of SoFine; another with cotton threads; one
  9. I purchased Ikea cabinets for under my machines, they hold threads; pantos; etc. all the items we find necessary. They are on wheels and do not hinder the hydraulic movement as mine are at the front of my table. I also put my Circle Lord boards on top of them. Right now I have 4 under my 12 foot table and 6 under the 14 foot table. They are clean; neat and keep me organized. We've put labels on each drawer to keep track of pantographs in themes. Great to gather the batting bunnies under them with a swifter or vac.
  10. this is the link to the new boards Michael has made which I just love: http://circlelordfigure8.blogspot.ca/ They are shown on my blog on a few quilts I completed. Michael has a link to my blog on the above blogspot. I was planning on taking the quilts to our guild meeting last night, however, I purchased what I thought were bran & raisin muffins that turned out to be Trail Mix muffins. Took one bite and almost had to use my EpiPen. What a nasty day. The bakery is returning my money and giving me real raisin and bran muffins, plus changing their display. Back to the boa
  11. Hi, I have a Hartley Fence for sale $300.00 with DVD. Customer has not taken this Hartley Fence out of the box and asked if I would post it for her. She has sold her machine. This Hartley Fence will fit on any machine that does not have Bliss. If you have Bliss the Hartley Fence needs to be sent back to manufacturer for alterations. Thaks for your interest,
  12. Just received my new boards from Michael & Kay. Take a look at "Loopys" on my blog: http://quiltedcatshideaway.blogspot.ca/ Really smooth movement on this board. I'll post pictures when I complete the other two boards. Thanks for looking. Linda
  13. Hi all, thank you for your interest. The Hartley Fence has sold. Heidi, so sorry, my original post said Circle Lord, should have been Hartley Fence. I would not want to part with my Circle Lord. Happy Quilting~
  14. Hi, I just posted Hartley Fence & Circle Maker for sale $300.00 for both.. If you are interested, send me an email. Sorry for the error, I am not selling my Circle Lord. Thanks,
  15. Hi, I have a new - used twice Hartley Fence with Circle maker for sale $300.00. Shipping from Western Canada. Also, a 12" set of Red Snappers with cases made to attach to Zippers for $30.00. with extra sets of 12" and 6" pieces. Send me an email if you are interested: quiltedcats@shaw.ca Thanks & happy Quillting, Linda