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  1. My son and duaghter live in Colorado Springs. My daughter is going to go to college there this fall. Hopefully the college is still there come August. I talked to my daughter tonight and they got served evacuation plans for if they do have to evacuate. They think it is unlikely though--but one never knows what happens. They live kind of in the center of the city. My nephew attends the Air Force Academy and is a Senior their, and he was helping them all evacuate from the Academy today, as it is heading that way. My uncle has two sisters that live there and one already isn't working bec
  2. I wish I would have known. I ws at the Quilt show yesterday and I had my camera along. I could've taken a picture for you--had is known.
  3. Bonnie, Here's what I do when brainstorming a quiting design. I get an old newspaper and open it up and take a black permanent marker and start drawing designs. This way is fater then actualy quilting on material. If I have a certain size block or border I am working on, I try to draw that out ont he newspaper so I have a replica to work on when tring designs. I also do this befroe every quilt I quilt. I take newpaper and "practive my designs a bit to get the feel of them and to get teh proper size I want and then I go to the actaul quilt and start working on it. i'm anxious to see wha
  4. Me too. Always looking for new ideas. Especially ones like this that look really artistic--but are very simple!. Love this one.
  5. Lucy, How do you raise the hopping foot? I did a quilt last week that was very thick and didn't know how to raise the hopping foot. Audrey
  6. Bonnie, I just got done quilting a quilt for a customer that was a French braid pattern called Rat Race. It has a similarity to the arrowhead quilt block. She wanted me to do a small meander filler in all the white areas and it made the colored areas "pop" put nicely. I actually quilted an Aroowhead quilt for a customer but she had me do a simple meander over the entore thing. She did not have sashing between the blocks. She made it with vwery corrdinated fabric--blacks and dark rose/pink prints. It was very nice and she had me use black thread and the simple meander looked very nice,.
  7. My LQS owner has a Bernina 1230 and she loves it and said she will never get rid of it. So the 1230 must be a good machine. I see them once in a while on ebay. Good luck. Audrey
  8. When I went to a Road show last September to look at the machines for a final time before ordering, I went there with the intentions of purchasing a Lucy. I had a long arm that was an 18" (of a different brand) and I wanted to upgrade to a longer throat. Last summer. I went to a big quiltshow and did exactly what the others here told you to do. I tried all the machines and went back and forthe between teh final couple machines I liked and pretty much made up my mind that I wanted an APQS Lucy. Then I went to the roadshow and my Dealer was the APQS rep there and she brought it to my attenti
  9. Becky, For some reason we aren't connecting through U2U. You can email me directly at dbllbs@redred.com. Thanks. Audrey
  10. I am trying to move this machine out of my way before my daughter's Graduation. I have reduced the price to $300 (and this price includes shipping).
  11. Becky, For some reason, I did not receive the U2U from you. Can you try to re-send it or email me at dbllbs@redred.com? Thanks. Audrey
  12. Calamity Jane, Please Re-read my post. I accidently hit post before I was finished writing everything and you must have saw it right when it was on for a bit before I Edited it. You can email me directly at dbllbs@redred.com if you have more questions. Thanks. Audrey
  13. I am selling my Bernina Activa 140. I bought it recently to use as my traveling/class machine, but I can't seem to get used to not having the NeedleUp/Needle Down button, The machine has the Needle Down function, but you use the heel of your foot on the foot pedal to use it and I am just not used to doing it that way. This machine Includes: User's Manual, Power Cable, Foot Control, Free Hand Presser foot lifter, Accessory box, and Hard Sided Carrying Case. Also includes:
  14. This has been sold and is going to VA on Monday.
  15. I made my decision. I posted my Bernina Aurora 440 QE for sale. It is way more tahn I need or use. I posted it for $1400. I hope for that price that is sells quickly.
  16. This Bernina 440QE is in very good condition as it is only 3 years old and has had one maintenance cleaning during that time. This machine sews wonderful. I bought it mainly for the BSR (Bernina Stitich Regulator) and I now have a lAPQS Freedom so this machine is way more machine than I need any more. I know I will never use the BSR now that I have the long arm machine and it has lots of stitches and 3 alphabets that I have never used. I just use the straight stitch and the zigzag stitch. It has been well taken care of (I clean it and oil it regularly). Comes with: foot control, power c
  17. Annie, Thanks for the advice. I have spent some time today calling some Bernina Dealers and getting some prices on the Activa 215 and the Activa 330. I am going to go to one of the Dealers and look at them both to compare because I feel like either one of these will fit my needs. I have pretty much decided to sell my Aurora 440 QE because I just feel like I could sell it and buy a couple "used" machines that will serve my purposes well. I do not use any of the fancy stitches. I don't even have much time to do any quilt piecing since I work full time and do long arm quilting for custome
  18. That's a good idea to sell the BSR alone--but it will only connect to a Bernina machine that is equipped for tah to plug in--and I would think the people who bought those machines would have the BSR because it comes with those machines (It was not an optional item to buy to add onto it). A Bernina Dealer todl me today that the BSR costs $900. Thanks for the info about the Yahoo group. I hadn't heard about that one. I will have to join that one.
  19. I am thinking about selling my Bernina 440QE so that I can instead buy 2 sewing machines. One to have set up for daily use and one to use for taking to quilting classes/sewing days, etc. I have a 440QE that I bought 3 years ago because I wanted the the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) for freee motion quilting. I used it on 4 quits and then decided to buy a long arm macihine. So now I know that I will never use the BSR again and so I am thinking about selling the 440QE to be able to use the money towards 2 Bernina sewing machines that are lesser value machine (perhaps Used ones). The 440QE
  20. Mindy, I'm also from MN so we probably don't live too far apart. I wish I knew someone around here that was looking for one. Sounds like yours has been barely used. Good luck with selling it.
  21. Ann, I have the same story. My husband used to make custom tables/machines for woodworking mills and factories, and he was VERY impressed when he saw my table when my Freedom was delivered and set up. (Needless to say-- he was NOT impressed with the previous table I had for a diferent long arm brand--compared to this table).
  22. I am selling my Viking Emerald 116 sewing machine.. A year after I bought that machine, I started quilting and I bought a Bernina 440QE with the BSR so I could do stitch regulated quilting. I have not used my Viking machine much since. (Just to take to quilt classes). I wanted to give it to my 18 year old daughter but, of course, if it isn't computerized it isn't good enough for a teenager!! It is a very good quality mechanical sewing machine, and I have not had any problem at all with it. I bought it new at a Quilt shop. I have the original box and the manual. I also have a hemmer fo
  23. I bought a set of APQS Micro-drive handles but I don't use them. I will sell for $100 --(I will pay the shipping--in U.S. only).