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  1. I have used the Essentials Pro Cotton from Connecting Threads. I have many colors. It works fine on my Freedom and like someone else said, I like it when I want a lighter weight thread for the quilting so as not to draw quite as much attention to the quilting.
  2. They are absolutely beautiful!. They also remind me of ceiling tiles--and the old fashioned look. I'd love to learn to do wholecloth but between keeping busy with teenagers in the house yet, quilting for customers, and working my job as a Hotel Manager at a Casino--I have no time to "practice" on any new projects. I barely have time to sneak in a few of my "easy, normal quilts" for myself here and there. Did I mention my 4 huge Perennial Gardens I have to also take care of in spring, summer, fall?!?. How am I ever going to get the quilt done for my daughter's Graduation on June 1st?!?!?
  3. What is liquid stitch and how do you use it properly? I had an incident just last week where I was doing a customer quilt and after I quilted a spot, I noticed there was about a good 1" spot in a seam where the piecer did not have one of the fabric seams sewed into that seam. When I happened to quilt over that area, it happened to be that it then showed up as one side of that seam got stitched down--and there was the white batting showing through!. What a pain. So I had to unstitch a bunch of quilting in that area and I carefully pulled the two seams together to hand sew the seam. That s
  4. I live in SW MN and my short purple iris have been in full bloom a few days now. They are always my first iris to bloom but they are blooming about 3 weeks ahead of normal time. I also have my early daffodils in full bloom and some of my early tulips. Now I have to enjoy looking at them quick because it is supposed to be below freezing temps the next few nights and my 4 perrenial gardens are way too huge to even think about trying to cover them all somehow!
  5. Kath, What is a flexible curved ruler? I have not heard of that? Is there a certain website to buy one?
  6. Thanks for all the tips. I am definitely going to try to 80/20. I looked at it at a store today--it wasn't Hobbs brand--but I liked that it was cotton with some poly in it--it seemed dense and yet not flat like cotton. I really do not like to use cotton on my own quilts because I do not like the real "flat look--but yet, sometimes I also do not want a lot of loft either. I have an old fashioned looking quilt I just made (it has old fashioned pictures of people skating) which I do not want loft in but I also don't want the shrinked up look with the cotton from washing--so I think it will be
  7. I live 2 hours west of the Cities so Eden Prairie is where I enter the Cities. I have never heard of this group and it would be fun to go. But Saturday I have to work because one of my Hotel Clerks had a death in the family so I have to work her shift that day. And hopefully my hubby will take me out for supper that night--as it is my birthday. But it would be fun to go sometime to meet some of the quilters on here that are from MN. I'm sure you'll ahve a great day.
  8. I have been long arm quilting about a year and use either cotton or Hobbs Polydown. I really like the Hobbs Ploydown but I am wondering what the difference is between that and the Hobbs 80/20. Also, which one will give more loft? Often, my customers want some loft to show in the quilting. I would appreciate comments about Hobbs 80/20 as I am wondering if I should purchase some of this and have it also available for customers or if I should just stay with the cotton and polydown.
  9. I recently got a new Freedom SR. I am not sure my bobbin winder is working correctly that came with it. When I wind a bobbin, the thread does not wind evenly onto the bobbin. It tends to fill up faster on the bobbin -- towards the side of the bobbin that is next to the machine. --That would be the side of the bobbon that I slide onto the machine. Is this how it is supposed to be or does my bobbin winder need some adjustments so it will wind the thread evenly onto the bobbin? I do not have a TOWA and I worry that the thread tension is not being wound evenly onto the bobbin? Anyone with a
  10. I recently purchased a new APQS FreedomSR. I did not buy the micro-drive handles at the time and now I decided I want them. Anyone have some that they don't use that they would like to sell?
  11. Do you use this thread on your APQS? I bought some and it broke constantly on my Tin Lizzie but I am in the proces of ordering an APQS Freedom and am hoping it works on it without breaking as I orered about a dozen colors of it.
  12. I would definitely buy this if I did not have room for a long arm. After having a long arm, I don't think I will ever attempt to quilt on my regular domestic sewing machine again--However, the George is a different story. This machine will make someone's life so much easier!
  13. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Make sure you sell it for enough to where you won't have any regrets about not keeping it.