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  1. Is this machine still available? Thank you--Ginny
  2. Where are you located and what year is this machine? Is it Blissed? Can it be Blissed? thank you
  3. Is the table / rails blissed? where is this located?
  4. Ginnysd

    Pink Halloween Quilt

    Awesome quilt and the quilting is spectacular--- or should I SPOOKTATULAR
  5. Ginnysd

    Used Freedom for sale

    Is this machine still for sale?
  6. Ginnysd

    Used Freedom for sale

    Saturday did not work for us, we had to get home by a certain time. I will be at the Sioux City Quilt show this weekend......if available I am still interested, but could NOT come see till next weekend. Please let me know if still available.
  7. Ginnysd

    2014 George Quilting Machine

    South Dakota, and yes understand shipping cost would be the responsibility of purchaser. 57046 is zip code thank you
  8. Ginnysd

    2014 George Quilting Machine

    Interested but are you willing to ship? Ginnysd
  9. Ginnysd

    Used Freedom for sale

    Like I stated, I am in Des Moines for the quilt show.....leaving on Saturday BUT I could take off today and come see it.....does Friday or Saturday work better for you?
  10. Ginnysd

    George for Sale

    Where is this machine located? Can you send pictures?
  11. Ginnysd

    Selling my Millie

    Is this machine still for sale? Can you post a few pictures?
  12. Ginnysd

    Used Freedom for sale

    Very interested in your machine. Is it still for sale? Happened to be in Des Moines today and traveling home tomorrow.....could stop into to take a look?
  13. Very interested in machine, can we set a time to visit on the phone? What do you think the possibilities of shipping the machine would be? Please let me know a time we can visit and I will call you
  14. is interested if still forsale. Please send email or let know on forum if still for sale. Thank you