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  1. Just home from work, I totally needed that. Thank you!
  2. Sorry ladies, my camera was with my DH & son in the boundry waters... (they have beautiful pictures). I helped with a little sewing of the Judy Niemeyers, Bali Wedding Star of which she is working on. Perhaps Sharon is willing to give a sneak at what is still to come....
  3. Lots of sewing, ironing, trimming, a little ripping. A glass or two of wine & some fine chocolate will make somethings look perfect.
  4. Ladies, the fun has begun, she arrived! Have been working on Judy Niemeyers, Bali Wedding Star. Totally beautiful, even if I may say so! ( I was lucky enough to help pick out the fabrics for it).... But it's off to bed now...
  5. Just home from work, & on my answering machine a message from my sister (SharonD, also on the forum). Her plans changed for the weekend & she can come to quilt!!!!! Much to her surprise I have Friday off, so I told her to skip her guild meeting tonight & come out. I dared her & she took it! She is packing as I write & will be on the road shortly! My DH & our youngest son (28) are up at the Boundry Waters so was just going to sew & quilt all weekend! Off to run a quick errand or two then wait for her to arrive! YA ME! Live is more than good when you least expect it, or perhaps when one needs a pick me up......:)
  6. My DH gave me a featherweight for Christmas back several years ago. It ran just fine, but he wanted me to take it somewere to be checked. I took it to a couple in St. Cloud, MN. Not to long of a drive for you. They oiled, cleaned & checked it totally out. I was only missing some little screw. He specializes in Singer Featherweights, has parts & accessories. Let me know if you need a name & number. My DH and son went through Ely just this morning on their way to their entry point, into the Boundry Waters not far from you! A first for my DH & a second for our youngest son. Watching they get ready, was like watching little kids on Christmas morning.
  7. Thanks, but was a different one, so perhaps I was dreaming! I may do a little more searching.....
  8. I may have been dreaming, but did someone post a photo of a snowball quilt, that was quilted with circles? Have two QOVquilts to do, which are the snowball block to do & usually ideas come to me in the middle of the night.... so may have just been dreaming it?
  9. You are very welcome, One just never knows when you will find it or were.
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