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  1. Heidi, That's a beautiful picture! Madison looks like she's having a ball!
  2. Fun, fun, fun quilt!!! And perfect for the season. I like the bright green fabric with the witchy characters in it. The houndstooth print in either the orange or purple would make a nice binding as someone suggested. Regardless, it's going to be perfect!
  3. James, It looks wonderful. I know your granddaughter is going to be thrilled!
  4. Jacq1013, I really like that oak leaf pattern you used on the deer panel. Is that freehand or a panto? If it's a panto, do you know the name of it?
  5. Awww! She is so precious! Congratulations on your new angel and a safe delivery!
  6. Condolences .... and Congrats! Have fun bonding with your new machine.
  7. I wish I could have participated in this! I just couldn't manage it right now with the demands of my day job. Oma, your idea photos are wonderful. I really like the winding ways quilt with the tans and neutrals paired with the reds! That one is right up my alley. Ya'll please post photos when you get your fabric back. At least that way I can drool over the beautiful fabrics!!
  8. Teresa, Urban Elementz has one called African Samba that seems Seussish to me. You could probably do something similar freehand.
  9. Caren, I've never quilted one of these, but if your fabric selection allows you to see the secondary circular pattern, I would do something to emphasize that. I'm sure it'll be beautiful no matter what you do. Good luck! PS. There's an impressive amount of eye candy over on Pinterest.com that might give you some inspiration.
  10. Prayer offered...I know it's not easy, but try not to worry. Many prayers being offered up in your name here.
  11. I can't imagine what you would possibly change. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!
  12. I had a similar problem with my 2008 Millie. I added 2 extra thread guides on the side of the machine head. One on the "up" side between the silver L-shaped guide and the take up lever, the other on the "down" side between the take up lever and the pigtail. Between this and changing to Fil-tec Glide Deights prewound bobbins, I haven't had any more problems. The thread bouncing around on the side of the machine was allowing the slack to wrap around the needle. Stopped the thread from bouncing around and the problem stopped. I used 2 tips for fishing rods I bought at the local sporting goods store and glued them on with that super strong craft glue. I can't remember the name but it includes "6000".
  13. LOL!! Now if it would just tell me how to sort out the mess that is my sewing room!!!
  14. :angry:I hate to hear you are having such problems with your machine. Zeke's solution might be the best you can do in the end, but there are a couple other things I would try first. Talk to the dealer you have been working with, and get as much information out of him as you can. Who has he spoken with at the manufacturer, what is their phone number, email address, etc. I would expect to hear that a repair ticket has been opened, or some equivalent. They should have some record of the problems you've been having. Once you've gotten everything you can out of him, contact the company directly. Ask them exactly what they will or will not do, and what expenses they will cover, like shipping. If you're not satisfied with the customer service you get, escalate the call. As someone else said, read your warranty carefully. If you don't have a copy of the complete document, request one. Do some research on the company; find their address and the names and addresses of the company's officers (preferably mailing address and email address). Send a letter of complaint to each of them, detailing the problems with the machine and the steps you've taken to resolve them, and ask them to rectify the problem, at their expense. If all else fails, do as Zeke suggested and sell the sucker. The amount you get out of it may not be enough to get you into another machine, but it is better than throwing good money after bad. Oh yeah, if they don't make you whole again, I would report them to every agency I could think of, like the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, etc. Good Luck!
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