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  1. I live in Fortuna, CA very very northern part of California by Eureka.
  2. Okay Ladies, my lack of response has not been because I have been happily quilting away.... actually quite the opposite. I worked on this machine and did everything possible. I did find a burr on the part down by where the bobbin goes and one on the needle plate. I used 400 grit sand paper and got those out. Now the thread keeps breaking and there are dots on the back. UGHHH. I am going to have to call someone to come over and take a look at it I think. I have had this machine since the end of December and sooo frustrated.
  3. Yes I have a Millie. And I think I have it set now so the gauge is straight up and down so I will make the appropriate adjustment. Thank you so much.
  4. Thank you. I will try these suggestions. How do you set the stitch length and is tension glide the bobbin case or the actual bobbin and where do you get them? One more question, can someone please explain the result of tighter tension for top and bottom? I guess I am confused as I am thinking that if you tighten the top tension your stitches will be smaller. I obviously am a newby!
  5. Still having trouble getting my stitch to look like it should. Here are the problems and please bear with me as I am not sure of the correct terminology so will do my best to descrbe. Getting bumps on the back. I don't know if you call these loops it kind of looks like the top thread dotting through and if you run your finger over it it is not smooth. In addition to that the top stitch looks pretty small and tight. Every once in awhile I will get skipped stiches. on top. Also the thread comes out of the needle sometimes too. This is what I have tried. Cleaning the bobbin case, Loo
  6. Thank you all so much. I lowered the presser foot, adjusted the needle a tad, and finally learned how to adjust the bobbin. This seemed to work. Can't thank you all enough. Hugs to you all!
  7. Does it matter that I am using darker thread on bottom and lighter on top?
  8. Yes I do have the right size needle. Do you think it could be that the hopping foot is too high?
  9. I will try that Sandra. Thanks so much. You ladies are the best. I feel like I am on a 911 call and you are the best responders!!!
  10. Okay so I am making progress. I did what everyone said to do and am at least making stitches. Now the top stitch goes pretty well then has a long stitch like 1/2 inch or larger. The bottom doesn't quite look right either it looks kind of small and has a tiny like loop in it.
  11. Thank you all so much I am printing all the responses and heading to the machine. Will report back with the outcome. Thanks again!
  12. I recently purchased a used Millie and am having some difficulty. The issue now is that the needle is not picking up the bobbin thread. When I first start and use needle up and down to pull the bobbin thread through that works but then when I start quilting nothing happens, no stitches. I have tried to rethread, change needle, change tension but nothing is working thus far. Any suggestions?
  13. Just checking to see if you still have machine? Please resond to Kathy-kmc@sbcgobal.net Thank you.
  14. Beautiful quilting! You inspire me. Hopefully I will be able to quilt like that someday:)