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  1. I've checked all bolts, made sure all is level, no thread in the flywheel, everything is oiled well, repacked the grease. I would sure love to figure this out, any more ideas?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, but I think it's in the are of the fly wheel that's vibrating. It's a low deep vibrating sound. The stitches still look great.
  3. Hey quilting friends, I could use some help. My machine is vibrating, almost bouncing when I go slower. Any suggestions?
  4. Thank you everyone for all the great information.
  5. I am looking to go computerized. Does anyone have any advice as to which system?
  6. When working with a panto, coming off a point, my stitches become very long. I've turned my needle slightly to the left, slowed way down and cleaned/oiled everything. Anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Yes, one business card all the way around under the hopping foot. Thanks for responding so quickly!
  8. Having tension problems with the top thread, the bottom thread looks great. Top, the stitches look crooked. Been trying differnt threads, different needles, threading the machine different ways, adjust tension all kinds of ways but nothing seems to be working, can anyone send some advice my way?
  9. I am going to quilt my first t-shirt quilt. The t-shirts are new, never been washed with a very heavy screen print on them. What are my needles holes going to look like? I do not have a sample tshirt to practice on and wondering if the holes are going to be large and ugly?
  10. I will go check my bobbin case and hook and let you know. Thanks so much for giving me some things to check!
  11. Yes, my machine is on. I have even tried 2 other bobbins and 2 other bobbin cases. I use my need up and down to pull up my bobbin thread and it won't come up. After about 30 tries, it finally comes up and then I lock my threads, when I start stitching, it won't stitch. It might make a stitch every 3 or inches. Do you think it's the timing? I was reading in the trouble shooting that it rarely happens and usually after something major happening. Well, nothing happened. Any advice for me? I'm so frustrated!
  12. I was "testing" my thread before starting a quilt and it did just fine. Then I was ready to start the quilt and the machine won't make any stitches and then the bobbin thread wouldn't even come up when I tried again. Help! I am using King Tut on top and bottom like I have many times.