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  1. Beatrice, how do you use the EQ printed borders to sew the sides of the quilt? Do you turn the quilt, or have some other method? Bonnie, for pantos, I start at the right, but go both directions and never had a thread break issue.
  2. I noticed this website listing. http://ladysewandsew.co.uk/shop/seed-packet-quilt-fabric-pack-kaffe-fassett/
  3. PepsiGirl, how do you do the basting stitch? Typically I use the single stitch button on the handle to pulse the needle down and then pulse up, but that's a lot button pushing. Do you do something different? thanks, Colette
  4. Just finished my scrappy 4 patches and might set aside a few neutrals in case they're needed for future clues.
  5. Me, too! My first BKH mystery, love the colors. I'm about halfway done with clue 1.
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