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  1. Beatrice, how do you use the EQ printed borders to sew the sides of the quilt? Do you turn the quilt, or have some other method? Bonnie, for pantos, I start at the right, but go both directions and never had a thread break issue.
  2. I noticed this website listing. http://ladysewandsew.co.uk/shop/seed-packet-quilt-fabric-pack-kaffe-fassett/
  3. PepsiGirl, how do you do the basting stitch? Typically I use the single stitch button on the handle to pulse the needle down and then pulse up, but that's a lot button pushing. Do you do something different? thanks, Colette
  4. Just finished my scrappy 4 patches and might set aside a few neutrals in case they're needed for future clues.
  5. Me, too! My first BKH mystery, love the colors. I'm about halfway done with clue 1.
  6. Both quilts are beautiful, I was so glad to see them, congrats on your win! Thank you for sharing your quilts at the show and for your help & advice here online!
  7. Cagey, thanks so much, I'm back in action! I screwed the set screw all the way through to the other side, then used a brand new screw sanded down a bit to remove stub irregularities, and finally was able to get enough bite to secure the needle. The original needle bar set screw threads were smooshed, which has happened on a number of screws, so I'll see if situation improves with the now rethreaded needle bar threads. Thanks for link to the forum discussion, I'll go back and review. Nigel, good to know about rotation. Thanks all! Colette
  8. Hi, does anyone have suggestions? I've always had trouble with the set screw not threading sufficiently in the needle bar so the needle isn't held tight. And now it doesn't work at all. I've fiddled with everything, tried multiple set screws, and different needles, but there aren't any screw threads catching in the needle bar. Ideas? Does the needle bar set screw hole need to be retapped? Is it possible to do this? My DH has access to full machine shop, so I suppose I need to understand how to remove the needle bar. Is there something else I should try first? Thanks for ideas! Colet
  9. I purchase 4-40, aim for 3/16" but usually end up with 1/4". I find I have to sand down the nub end slightly to improve the screw setting into the shaft, to get a bit more of the threads to lock in and solidly hold the needle. Works great.
  10. in FB, look for VQF and you'll find Vermont Quilt Festival
  11. Very pretty ribbons on a gorgeous quilt, congrats Heidi. Hope you get to visit the show, lots of great quilts and vendors galore. Colette
  12. Terry posted this in Sept http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/36438-finally-replacing-the-leaders/?hl=leaders
  13. Bonnie, what width mat did you buy? I've tried an extra mat over my low pile carpet, the interlocking puzzle piece type of foam mat, but it slides around when walking back and forth. I wonder how the Uline might do? Do you use a stool on wheels or just walk on the mats? Thanks for info, Colette
  14. Linda, this is so lovely!! Beautiful quilting, fun to learn about 'border of the month' challenge, and I've added another item to my 'gotta try this' list. I really like your 'buried treasures' in the pebbles. I'm assuming these little features are built in as you're doing the filler and not all placed ahead and then filled around? Thanks for sharing photos!
  15. Ditto what LibbyG said, I loved reading the group's input and seeing the very pretty result. It's just lovely, Teresa!
  16. Searched curiosities on quiltshops.com http://www.annsfabricsandcrafts.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi?product=Benartex_main&productid=02876_60&tracking4=search%2002876_60&pid=1#02876_60
  17. Please let me know price for Harley circle maker. What is included? Shipment is to Vermont. Thanks!
  18. $100, no less. Get people figuring out the deltas, maybe they'll get educated on aspects of quality and workmanship. I love the discussions I get into about items in silent auctions, there are always people willing to share knowledge and point out value. It's a great opportunity for learning and sharing. And advertising your business!
  19. I'm so sorry for your troubles, but thanks for sharing this because it gives me ideas about how to add little clues while marking that might help me avoid a similar dilemma. Likely I'll find many other pits to fall into, but I always appreciate a 'lessons learned' when someone is willing to share. This forum is chock full of generous 'been there, done that' quilters, my thanks to every one of you! I love your basket block quilting, it's beautiful!
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