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  1. Kelly, try loosening up the tension of your quilt top and the King tutt should work better. I used to get mine so tight and have problems with the thread breaking. Someone told me to loosen up my quilt top (so you can poke your finger from the bottom of the quilt and you can grab the top of your fingers between the quilt), so I loosen it and my king tutt thread doesn't break as much. Now, I love quilting with King Tutt. I use the Guide, So fine (I like it on my bobbins), Omni, Fil-Tec Harmony is a great cotton thread, and I just ordered the Superior So Fine 40 Veriegated to try. I'm also going to try the Medeira Polyester thread next. I think it is good to have a variety.
  2. I tried the pigtail bobbin on my Millie and it actually sewed better than the regular one. It seems to have kept the thread from backlashing and I didn't have as much problems with the tension. I think I will continue to use it. If anyone wants to try it, I bought it from http://www.bobbincentral.com/Bobbin_Cases_s/168.htm and they only have the pigtail bobbins. They don't have the regular, but it works great. It keeps the tension right on.
  3. This is the bobbin case. The one on the left has a pigtail thread guide on top and the one on the right is the one that came with the APQS Millie. Can I use this? Or should I return it? Maybe I can cut it off?
  4. I just ordered 2 extra bobbin cases from Bobbin Central but the bobbin cases that came had the pigtail thread guide on top. I use that bobbin case for my industrail Singer 20U zigzag machine. Can I use this for my APQS Millenium too? I don't want to mess up my Millie. Does anyone know?
  5. Tina got accepted at University of Hawaii, Manoa campus on Oahu. I didn't want my kids to be too far away from home, just another island, LOL! I'll have 2 kids at University of Hawaii this year. My son goes there too. I will have to do alot of quilting to pay for 2 in college.
  6. My daughter will be leaving soon for college, and I made this quilt for her (she wanted it bright and pink). I used the wool batting (love that stuff) and the new CL templates I bought from Marie. The pattern is from the cover of last month issue of "Quilter Magazine" except I added a small border. Cute and easy pattern to use with batik fat quarters. The label reads "Christina Maile Fear" Starting a new Chapter, Off the College, Love ya, Mom August 2011. I'll miss her but now I got a spare room for all of you to come visit me.LOL!
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