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  1. Can anyone give me some suggestions on working with these wavy borders? What do you do with this?
  2. Anyone know of any any big quilt stores on Oahu, Hawaii? I am going to Honolulu for the weekend (40 class reunion) and thought I would try getting my Hawaiian Sunbonnet quilt pattern in a few stores there. I know of some fabric stores, but I am looking for quilt stores. My new quilt pattern has been selling here in Kona ( I have had reorders from the stores here) so I thought since I was going to Honolulu I should try it there. Any idea who I should contact? Babara, you know of any?
  3. I have an etsy site and I sold only one quilt on the site. It was a twin for $250. That's cheap. It was a scrapy quilt that took forever to make. If you look at what other people are selling, most people are selling it cheap so I don't get much sales, unless I lower my prices too. We all know what the fabric, batting and backing cost to do a quilt. I do craft shows and sell a few there but my prices are cheap there too. It seems paying $350 for a quilt at a craft show is hard to get. I feel I am giving them away at the prices I am getting. But I rather sell them and move them, I could
  4. Janette, I didn't use a program. I wrote it out myself on my computer and printed it myself. I have a MAC and used my word prosessing program. I had seen enough patterns to know how people format it. I had the cutting written down as I cut out the quilt top. Wrote notes as I sewed it together, then just wrote it up. I had a friend's daughter draw up my diagram laying out how you put together the quit. She used a Window's program. I drew the sunbonnet and copied it on my computer. Made pattern pieces. I know there are computer software to make up quilt tops, but I did mine old school w
  5. I just did a T shirt quilt and charged $15.00 per shirt, plus the cost of fabric (probably 10 to 12 yards) and cost to quilt it. I used over 5 yards of stabilizer and paid $2.41 per yard for it. I spent a whole day to make it up, and another to quilt it, bind it and put an embriodered label. I ended up giving it to her for $350.00. I think that was a deal. You can't give away your service and time. I look at this way, When I hire a cleaning lady to come clean my house, she charges me $25.00 an hour. I pay her $100.00 for 4 hours. I am certainly worth as much as my cleaning lady. What
  6. Here it is, my first pattern I designed. I didn't know designing and writing a pattern was so hard. But this is the final. It's done and in our local quilt store. Gotta get it in the other quilt stores around Hawaii, and maybe mainland.... It's the Hawaiian Sunbonnet Sue, I call it Aloha Sue & Aloha Sam. It's very easy to put together, if anyone one wants to order a pattern, email me I'm so proud of it, LOL!
  7. Thanks, I ended up using the nylon top and bottom and loosened it up the tension on both. Checked the stitches and it seemed to work so I finished the quilt tonight. I remember using invisible thread before but didn't have the problems, but this time, it was nasty to me. Dawn, I did what you suggested and put the 4.0 needle back on. That seemed to help and the stitches wasn't skipping from then on. Thanks for all the help, you da bomb! Aloha
  8. Should I be using a bottom line thread on bobbin too? Or is the invisible on top and bottom OK?
  9. Sheri, It's for Quilt Passions. It's coming up and will be shown this weekend at the "Quilting on the Beach" retreat. Maybe I shouldn't be showing it, LOL! Barbara Bieraugel designed and sewn it and I quilted it. I guess it will be available starting this month. Check out the Quilt Passions website if you'd like to do it.
  10. Help!! I am doing an appliqued quilt and was going to just use invisible thread around the appliqued area. The thread keeps skipping and breaking. What should I do? I already changed the needle to 3.5 (that's the smallest I got) and tried loosing the tension (up and bottom) but when I stitch along a bit, then it starts to skip the stitches, then the thread breaks. Anyone got suggestions? I am using YLI thread.
  11. Wow! This is an interesting post. I went to a quilt show 11/2 years ago in Portland and was amazed with the computerized quilting. I was at the IQ booth every chance I had. After checking out the different systems (quilt path wasn't available then ) I decided to buy the IQ. I have had it since February last year. It was the best investment I ever made. Standing on your feet for 7 hours wasn't my cup of tea. Housecleaning and laundry was starting to pile up. My IQ has given me the freedom to get all those things done, plus keep me quilting. I have more time to do the stuff I want to (
  12. I had my first "TUCK" or PLEAT a few weeks ago. Usually I can ease the fullness on the borders with a few "gathers". I had this quilt that was 79" in the middle of the quilt and 82" on the side. I could not ease it in. I had to baste the tuck or pleat first, then I when over with a panto. I did not charge the customer but I did not do the hand sewing. I told her to remove the baste and hand sew the pleat. When I saw the quilt afterwards, you couldn't tell there was a pleat. I gave the customer instructions on how to sew on the borders. She had just sewn the borders on without measuri
  13. Here's a customer quilt I did on my IQ and custom in the appliqued blocks. 3 days of quilting.
  14. I thought the thread breaks if you get it too tight?
  15. I was told when I first started quilting, to have my quilt top loose enough that when you stick your finger underneath the backing and poke upward, you will be able to grab the tips of your finger. So I have been quilting with a loose top. When Linda S. was here, she said she makes her tops really tight if I have an IQ. So, what is everyone else doing? Any tips on how tight you should have your quilt top on your machine?
  16. Linda S. just came in to Kona to stay a week with me and give me personal IQ classes Lucky me! Mini vacation for Linda and learning experience for me. We have a full week of activities planned and slide in my classes in between. Just downloaded the new IQ update and OMG, the DISTORT feature is awesome. Anyone who didn't download the new update needs to do it. It's simply amazing what my IQ can do. I'm in lulu land
  17. Darn, I got 11 and still got people trying to drop off. Finished one today that got dropped off October 29th. Some are small baby quilts and will be just an edge to edge, so they will be simple. Just got to get to them. I never thought I'd have a 3 weeks waiting time, but I guess it's Christmas time. I am dying to sew a quilt for myself, but it's hard when you got customer quilts
  18. Oh Linda, Wait until you come over. I have a collection of orchids. I'll have to put some in your room to wake up to every morning.
  19. This time I got 3 spikes and it just started to bloom, just in time for the Holidays. She will be in full bloom during Christmas. I have been babying this orchid for months, spraying with fertilizers and watering every other day. Just watching the growth every day. And look what my efforts have reeped me :) LOL! I moved it to my front door where everyone will be able to enjoy it's beauty.