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  1. Very nice! And what a thoughtful gift. I'm sure she'll treasure it.
  2. I'm hoping that's the problem :). I know I don't. I've never spent so much time stopping and starting on my quilting. Very frustrating.
  3. Yes, I did the WD40 and then oiled it. Made no difference. I can't see any burrs, but maybe I need to pull the hook assembly and feel for one. Thanks for the ideas.
  4. I have been quilting with my milli for 8 years and just recently started having a problem with the machine pulling the top thread to the back, and getting caught up in the hook and bobbin area. I would have to cut the thread and then pick out the thread that was in the hook assembly. I thought it must be a timing issue, so I redid the timing. It got worse! Now the top thread goes to the back, and makes a big knotted mess, and then continues on as if nothing happened. Then occasionally, there will be a big loopy stitch. It doesn't actually skip a stitch, just leaves a loop, then continues on with normal stitches for a while. When I pulled the last quilt off the frame, it had these "knots" about every foot or so of quilting. When I cut the knots out, it takes some of the stitches out. I would post photos, but the lady really wants her quilt so I already trimmed all the mess. (I should mention I was using King Tut thread. Normally, I use Glide) Any ideas?
  5. I just logged on tonight for the first time, and love the new format. But, is there no favorites anymore? What happens if I click on the save button of one of your photos? And I guess what we had in favorites from the other format is gone? Thanks,
  6. Well, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get to the tutorial. It will only let me see the first page. any ideas? Your feathers are beautiful, and I sure would like to learn how to do them.
  7. Know you and Elmer are still in our thoughts and prayers. Hope the mouth sores get better quickly. They can be so painful.
  8. Hey Heidi, I haven't been on the forum much lately, with work and quilting, but I try to read it as often as I can. I just wanted to let you know I feel for you! My DH had open heart surgery 2 years ago. It's a slow healing time. They feel pretty good one day, then crappy the next. I don't know about the shortness of breath, but when they release her for cardiac rehab, make sure she completes the program. It made a world of difference for my DH!! Good luck to you.
  9. Great idea! Leslie Cutright www.quiltedcharm.blogspot.com
  10. What a great idea. I too have been lazy on the blogging thing lately, but intend to get back to it. Looks like you put the proverbial boot to us:P:P
  11. I went to Jenny's web site from your blog, and bought the ruler about a month ago. I used it to make her urban deco block, and loved it! I am at work, so I can't post it, but if you want to see it, I have it posted on my blog. She has so many different ways to use it, it's amazing.
  12. Linda, I love this quilt! As always your quilting makes it better than it was. She'll have to love it! I too love the way wool makes the quilting look so much prettier. I am having a hard time talking my customers into using it. But, I'm giving a talk to the local guild here, and batting is my topic! I'm taking samples of all the bats I carry, so they will be able to see for themselves the difference it can make.
  13. Really very pretty! I love 30's fabrics used in traditional quilt patterns. Your handwork even makes it better! Great job.
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