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  1. Very nice! And what a thoughtful gift. I'm sure she'll treasure it.
  2. I'm hoping that's the problem :). I know I don't. I've never spent so much time stopping and starting on my quilting. Very frustrating.
  3. Yes, I did the WD40 and then oiled it. Made no difference. I can't see any burrs, but maybe I need to pull the hook assembly and feel for one. Thanks for the ideas.
  4. I have been quilting with my milli for 8 years and just recently started having a problem with the machine pulling the top thread to the back, and getting caught up in the hook and bobbin area. I would have to cut the thread and then pick out the thread that was in the hook assembly. I thought it must be a timing issue, so I redid the timing. It got worse! Now the top thread goes to the back, and makes a big knotted mess, and then continues on as if nothing happened. Then occasionally, there will be a big loopy stitch. It doesn't actually skip a stitch, just leaves a loop, then continues on with normal stitches for a while. When I pulled the last quilt off the frame, it had these "knots" about every foot or so of quilting. When I cut the knots out, it takes some of the stitches out. I would post photos, but the lady really wants her quilt so I already trimmed all the mess. (I should mention I was using King Tut thread. Normally, I use Glide) Any ideas?
  5. I've only used glide so I can't comment on the difference, but I have used the variegated Harmony cotton from fil tec, and it worked very nicely. It had a nice cotton look to it, and the color variation was nice. My only problem was it had a lot of lint, and since I only use glide, I wasn't used to that:P:P It kind of freaked me out that I had to clean my machine after each row.
  6. Dawn, I would be interested, because it would be nice to have someone all the way down here in Texas that could do something with the problems.
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