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  1. I haven't used mine yet, because there were no instruction videos I could find. In a test, I rough cut my shirts, and folded them so the center of the design was up against the posts, and then it cuts two sides. I'm not certain if I like this or not yet. I have two t-shirt quilts to make this summer, and will use this with one of them. If I can figure out how to take a good video, I will.
  2. This is so stunning! The quilting really makes the appliqué pop.
  3. My Youngest had this happen too. After a few weeks, she was all better. I had them terribly as a child, and I'm just glad she only had the occasional one. The hardest part was that her father has never had the chicken pox, and still hasn't to this day. Hope he's at least feeling okay.
  4. This is beautiful! Everything looks so nice, and I love the color choice for thread.
  5. I'm a Newbie also, but I have had a lot of luck with a yard stick under the clamps and across the bars keeping my side clamps from hitting the machine.
  6. I'm really enjoying my new addition. She is a beauty! I have been having fun playing with her, and even managed to repair a well loved quilt for my oldest daughter. My first quilts were matching toddler quilts with Minkee backing. I had so much fun free motion quilting these. I have learned a lot about tension, and loved how much easier it was to handle the Minkee on Esther vs. my domestic machine.
  7. Hi all! My new Millie is on her way to her new home this week. I was wondering if there is a manual that is in a PDF version, or ebook, so I can keep it on my iPad with my other sewing machine manuals?
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