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  1. I haven't used mine yet, because there were no instruction videos I could find.   In a test, I rough cut my shirts, and folded them so the center of the design was up against the posts, and then it cuts two sides.  I'm not certain if I like this or not yet.   I have two t-shirt quilts to make this summer, and will use this with one of them.   If I can figure out how to take a good video, I will.

  2. I'm really enjoying my new addition.   She is a beauty!   I have been having fun playing with her, and even managed to repair a well loved quilt for my oldest daughter.    My first quilts were matching toddler quilts with Minkee backing.   I had so much fun free motion quilting these.   I have learned a lot about tension, and loved how much easier it was to handle the Minkee on Esther vs. my domestic machine.