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  1. I have tried watching the youtube tutorials but I can't take in the information. I've had quilt path since before Christmas but not fitted it I just don't know what to do with it.
  2. Where is the demo version you are referring to?
  3. Thank you so much Karen for raising this issue. I have just put up with a jumping needle in the past but this has really been a helpful tip on the last two quilts and the one I am working on now. Thank you Pat and Dawn for your replies.
  4. How about looking out for cotton lawn or old cotton sheeting.
  5. I have just had a surprise. I too am going to Houston. We leave Heathrow in the morning (weather willing, storms are forecast) I have no idea what to expect when I get there but would love to meet up. Liz
  6. I think it may be too late for colour catchers, you will need a colour run remover product now that the colour has already been transfered. I don't know what products will be available to you but good luck!
  7. Much like Joan suggested I would try a meander that looks like sea weed.
  8. Kay, I took the Craftsy class with Angela Waters recentlyand thoroughly enjoyed quilting swirls and pebbles but mine are not quite as beautiful as yours.
  9. August quilts 012 by logcabinlizzie168, on Flickr This quilt was made for a challenge set by group of longarm quilters in the UK that belong to an online forum. The challenge was to make a two colour quilt, minimum size 40 inches X 40 inches. This is 60 inches square. The design is called Carpenters square and I found the QAL here http://bloominworksh...ters-wheel-qal/ I chose to make it more of a challenge by using yellow which is not my favourite colour, by using a pattern that required all y seams and I wanted to do a two colour binding. I left it till 7 days before the deadline to even begin cutting fabric, I had a busy summer! The top came together well and I knew how I wanted to quilt it which also went relatively smoothly but I could not find the DVD that showed how to do the binding that I wanted so I quickly put on a tiny border and ordinary binding just so I could meet the deadline for posting pictures for voting. Afterwards I felt disapointed with it so removed the binding and border and put on proper piped binding I am now happy with it. RMES show 012 by logcabinlizzie168, on Flickr I won a ribbon, not something that really happens in the UK I should point out there were only 8 entries in the hand guided catergory but I was still quite pleased. I hope I have managed to post the picturescorrectly, thanks to Heidi for the tutorial if I an sucessful. Liz
  10. Lyn Thank you for that tip it makes great sense, I think I have some lengths of dowling left over from making roman blinds that will do very nicely. I have had my machine a few months now and have been given 5 tops to quilt for Japan with another 2 on the way. I have 3 completed and have found them really great for PPP knowing that nobody will scrutinise too closely.
  11. Glad all seems to be well with your machine, those needles are a pain (assuming you bought at the same place I bought thread) as they don't stock the ordinary ones, it is an easy mistake to make. Best wishes for a speedy and painfree recovery Liz
  12. Thank you all for your comments Re photo size, followed Shannons advice and the first two are 40x40 the third 50x50 so I will try that in future. Re the quilt pattern, it was a mystery quilt at my local group we had to turn up with 9 patch blocks already made and take precut squares when stitched they were supposed to be arranged to look like butterflies but mine flew away and left me with a snail.