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    I am between Salt Lake City and Provo. Nevada is not so far, are you coming up for the show in May? Would be cool to meet up with you. When they say a 12 foot table, do they mean a 12 foot table? Or is it 12 feet with some doo dads sticking out so you really need 14 feet of space? I have not seen any suggestions on how to get some of these people to move out yet....I am kinda hoping putting the machine in front of the TV will do it lol! I have not really talked price with the husband, but I really don't want to go over 10k and I really want to be as far under it that I can. We went to Hawaii a few weeks ago and I want to go back! So I need to have money for that too! And on the Kool-aid, I want a custom blend of grape and lemonade always my favorite!
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    You guys are so sweet I live in Utah and there is a quilters show coming up in May, HMQS. They have a large list of classes, I don't even know what some of them are. You have all given me a great headstart and many things to consider. Thank you
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    Thank you for the very nice welcome! And the info There is a store close by that sells long arms, I saw they had about six up that I could try out. They had an HQ, a Lizzy, a Milli, a Fusion, and probably a few more I am not recalling right now. I have not test driven any because I want to wait until I am ready to buy. I am short! So the info on the 26 inches is great to know! And I have not totally decided where it will go. I am a full nester, I keep thinking some of these kids will move out and they keep not moving lol. I am ready to just plunk it down in the middle of the TV room, do I need to leave room to access both sides or can it be up against a wall? I do large quilts (I have all boys *sigh) so I will need a monster. There are tons of people here who do this as a business so used machines do turn up here, there is an HQ up right now and a few Gammills. What a nice group of people I found! Thank you!
  4. Hi! I am new here and wanting to learn before I buy my first long arm! I have several pieced tops waiting, but I am trying to be patient and choose the best machine for me. This will not be for a business, but personal use and I am hoping to maybe get a used machine to start out on (just in case!) I look forward to learning more!