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  1. I'm lucky enough to live close to KC so I'll be able to attend the MQS show in May. It's time to register for classes and I don't know if I should try to pack in all I can, or just take a couple. I don't want to be overwhelmed, but would like to learn from the best while they are in town. Any suggestions???
  2. The snow is over here and the sun is shining. 9 degrees and drifts several feet high. Would be a great day to stay in and quilt, but duty calls. Thank goodness for 4 wheel drive!
  3. Georgene: I echo Shar. Will never make one of these myself so would be glad to purchase a ticket!
  4. Have you seen Superior's new thread clubs? Looks like a good way to build your thread "stash"
  5. I had overnight company for Christmas this year, like every year, but when I was asked why they weren't sleeping under quilts it got my attention. I have vowed to have Christmas quilts on ALL of my beds (4) by the time next Christmas rolls around. After all, what a great excuse to make more! Already have one top done, a second one started and a third one in my brain. So far, I haven't had to buy any fabric either!
  6. We had just enought here in Northwest Missouri to call it a white Christmas. That's good enough for me!
  7. Jan Patek is in my guild and we have meeting tonight. I'll ask if the pattern is still available.
  8. I've been lurking a while and really enjoy all you have to offer. "Freeda" and I got together in early October. We have a lot to learn! I'm soooo glad you are out there.