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  1. We will be moving sometime likely this summer, but I may need my machine stored for a while between moves. I see that as an option. Also, would like to upgrade to Bliss at the time of being moved. Can you also do the upgrade? I'll save your number to text you when this becomes a reality.
  2. It certainly is nice to quilt with no pressure. Sometimes I even laugh at myself when I screw up. If I was quilting for $$$, I don't think I could do that. Happy Froggin!
  3. I got my Hugo's Amazing tape from the Superior Threads website. I, too, use it on embroidery thread spools. I also use it on my wrapping paper rolls! Lots of uses for that stuff.
  4. I have had this on my wish list for a long time. Thanks for letting us know of the sale!
  5. I also have an embroidery unit for my Bernina. It's fun, but I use it mostly for my granddaughter's stuff. I wouldn't think that adding it to a quilting option would be very profitable. There is a lot that goes into it, and don't forget the thread which is not cheap. I agree with Vickie that the software needs to be updated and if you don't even own the machine yet, that's a huge expense for occasional use. I tend to jump in with both feet when I start a project, and I would even shy away from that one!
  6. I think I'll leave them off til I need them, then go from there. Thanks!!!
  7. Mine came Saturday, Just haven't had time to play yet! Are you supposed to leave them on all the time, or just put them on when you need them? It looks like there should be a way to twist them up out of the way, but again, I haven't had time to play.
  8. I can only get around one end of my machine and it works fine. It's also a little motivation to lose a few pounds when the space gets tighter. Ask me how I know?!?!?!?!
  9. Tomorrow, tomorrow, she'll be here tomorrow, it's only a day away!
  10. Right now we are in Cameron, about 40 min north of Liberty. All the kids and GRANDDAUGHTER live in Lenexa, and family owned business is just north of Leavenworth, so not sure where we will end up, but will definitely be within 30 minutes of you.
  11. Mary Beth: I'm so happy for you. My husband and I are retiring the end of March and looking forward to moving closer to KC to be nearer the granddaughter. Maybe once you are up and going we could get together for a "sew day". I would love to pick your brain! We "Mary Beth's" and our Freedom(s) need to stick together. and we could invite Sheri, too!
  12. Mary Beth - so happy for you and your "new-to-you" Freedom. I always admired your work and can't wait to see your future endeavors!
  13. I'm right there with Nigel and Betsy. Love my power advance, and don't think I would use the thread cutter. Love my Freedom. I'd definitely add Bliss, too. That's on my list very soon!
  14. Ditto to Hugo's Amazing Tape. I have an embroidery machine and lots of those spools don't have slits to store the thread ends, so I use it for those ends, too. It's great stuff!!!
  15. Love those IKEA cabinets. I'm putting that on my list!
  16. I have finished the stockings for my two daughters-in-law, but still have Granddaughter Gloria's to do. I think I finally have a plan, so hopefully will get it knocked out this weekend. Our Bunco group adopted a family and we wrapped all the gifts last night instead of rolling dice. I had made a flannel Americana looking quilt for the family - a single dad and 2 teenaged sons, one with multiple medical issues. I didn't put a label on it intentionally, because I wasn't sure what I should say. One of the other ladies made out the gift tag that simply said, "For the G____ family, handmade wi
  17. If blonde changes her mind, I'm interested, and in the KC area.
  18. I've made a couple of these for clients and my suggestion is to pick all the fabrics for sashing and backing yourself. Most of these folks don't sew and really don't have a clue. They will bring you discount store fabric that will shred, fade or worse and then be very disappointed. I also agree that they are time consuming, but oh so nice when they are done well!
  19. Thanks for that info. I am NOT computer savvy and never even tried. Now I am inspired. There is one at home now I'd like to share, so we'll see how that goes.
  20. I see that you are going to MQS next year. I'll be retired by then - but I don't think I remember seeing where it is. Can you help me out? I might try to go, too.
  21. I would agree the Road Show is MUST! I did the same thing a few years back and have never regretted it. Congrats!