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  1. Mary Beth: Do you remember me? I'm Mary Beth, too! When you were "downsizing" I stopped by and purchased some goodies from you. Many of them have come in quite handy. If you are headed north to see Sheri, maybe I could catch a ride from Cameron and we could all play together! I'd love to just stand and watch and listen to you two. I'm sure there would be SOOOO much to learn. Love it that you are back!!!!
  2. I had "purchased in my mind" another brand until I went to a show and test drove all those available. Still not convinced, I went to a Road Show. You are exactly right! Getting all your questions answered and "driving" all the different models makes all the difference. I have NEVER regretted my decision.
  3. Love my boards and customer service is THE BEST. Thank you Michael!
  4. Ok. Now I'm inspired. I started this about 3 years ago and keep putting it away. Maybe it's time to pull it out and go again. Yours is SO pretty!
  5. I understand this is to be a bi-annual show (every two years). I did miss not having APQS there. Must have been busy elsewhere I suppose
  6. Betty Ann: Don't say it's above your abilities. I thought the same thing, but I traced, held my breath, and stitched out. You should go for it!!! Mine is not nearly as nice as this one, but it's made with love! Can't wait to get little Gloria in the middle of it and take some pictures.
  7. We had our first grandbaby last month and they are THE BEST!
  8. I'm with Beth. I used both Swirls and Baptist Fan this weekend on edge to edge customer quilts. Love those boards!
  9. I have mine, too! Thanks everyone. I can hardly wait to get started.
  10. I've never done an exchange before. I'm so excited to get my package! It will be like Christmas!!!!! !!!!!!
  11. Feathers! and the next one up is an Angel Baby - so here goes!!!!!
  12. I've got to get started on mine, too. My sister found the extra wide white sateen. It is SOOO soft!
  13. I didn't join this swap, but I'm really interested to see what you all decide to do with these!
  14. Definitely take Linda's advise about letting it "cure" for a day. Luckily, it was MY quilt.
  15. I received word this morning that my fabric has been shipped to me. As soon as it arrives I'll get it cut and put in the mail. This is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!! Can't wait to see all the fun stuff!
  16. I wonder if a FACS (used to be Home Ec) teacher would want to help take this on? My kids did something similar many years ago when they were in middle school. Just a thought.
  17. My "Grand Illusion" is still in the piecing stage. I love they way you are quilting this. I may copy of those elements! LOVE IT!!!
  18. Thanks for all the suggestions. Think I'll stick to the blue marker! You guys are always so much help. Now I just have to learn to post pictures so when my little "angel" arrives, I can share!
  19. I'll be starting on this over the weekend, and I'm wondering what is the best method to mark it. Since it's for me, I'm wondering about a Frixion pen. or is a blue water soluable marker better? And do you tape it to a big window if you don't have a light box - or are there other solutions? This is for my first grandbaby :-)
  20. I purchased a second bobbin case for the Magna glide bobbins. That way I don't have to worry about putting the spring in and out. A second bobbin case is a good investment anyway.
  21. I would like to be included also. I've tried to do a swap before and life got in the way, but I have my first grandbaby due in April, so I'm sure to get this one done! His/her parents are big fans of Eye Spy books, so this should be a big hit!!!
  22. I had to grin (no, actually a big smile) as I read David's post. My dad, now gone 10 years, was a craftsman woodworker. He was repairing the spindles on an antique rocking chair when the aneurysm hit. My mom had recently taken up quilting and he had maticulously make her templates from masonite because he knew things had to be exact. He was so proud of her first quilt because he understood the craftsmanship that went into it. I live by what he always told us: "You must have the right tool for the job". He would be so proud of my APQS Freedom!!!